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Dear Prince Charles

Thank you very much for  visiting  the Plantations. We are sure you came here to see the lush green tea bushes and enjoy a cup of original black tea… and not to meet us.

Dear Prince Charles

Your forefathers brought us  as slaves from South India to the Plantations  and we still live here as SLAVES. The freedom you gave to this country neither freed us from our slavery nor the post-independent economic and social development initiatives brought any substantial changes in our life.

CHOGM is a great meeting place every two years for the former Masters and their former Slaves. Indeed it is nice to see the Masters and Slaves getting together to exchange pleasantries and also  partying in an environment of pomp and pageantry among the glamorous dancing girls.  It is indeed great !!!

What we want to ask the CHOGM daydreamers how many youth from the war destroyed North and East and from the eternally neglected Plantations participated in the Commonwealth Youth Conference ? How many people from these regions took part in the Commonwealth Business Forum ? How many of these unfortunate people took part in the CHOGM celebrations!!!

Dear Prince Charles… You are the official  representative of the Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth. We ask you…

Do you remember that you forcibly brought the Plantation people from South India some 200 years ago as slaves?

Do you know that these people still continue to live with their families in the same line rooms  you built  some 200 years ago which is unsuitable even for pigs to live ?

Do you know when you gave “Freedom” to Sri Lanka, the freedom of these people snatched away and they had to wait three decades to get it back ?

Do you know these people who gave their blood and sweat for the betterment of the rest of the country still suffer from the worst political, economical and social exploitation?

Do you know that these people remain as the most backward people in education, health and all other social services?

Do you know that the population growth of these people is very systematically reduced to the lowest in the country and their basic human rights including the right to live is being snatched from them?

Dear Prince Charles…

 we are very sad and also ashamed that you came to the Upcountry to enjoy only its scenic beauty and its lush green tea bushes and paid scant regard to the  sufferings of the Plantation Tamil people for which the sole responsibility lies with your mother HE Queen Elizabeth and her Government.


We earnestly request the Head of Commonwealth HE Queen Elizabeth to interfere  and  ensure equal treatment of the Plantation Tamil people as the citizens of this country as well as the Commonwealth and safeguard the human rights of these unfortunate Plantation Tamil people in accordance with the noble principles of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth includes small and big countries; poor and rich countries; powerless and powerful countries. Within each country there are ethnic groups that enjoy all the rights and privileges as citizens as well as ethnic groups that are disadvantaged and totally neglected by the rulers. The Plantation Tamil community is the most neglected and exploited ethnic group in Sri Lanka and Dear Prince Charles … it is the historical and moral responsibility of the Head of Commonwealth to restore and ensure the  basic human rights of the  Plantation Tamil people in Sri Lanka.


Identity &                                    

Upcountry Social Research Centre


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