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Tamil Nadu students protest continues for the 7th day.


Tamil Nadu students protest continues for the 7th day.


The protest held in support of Sri Lanka Tamils in Tamil Nadu is continuing for the seventh day.

Students protest is continuing for one week appealing Tamil Eelam. To impede this escalating protest, directives were issued for indefinite vacation to the entire Government Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu.However the protest got mounted after the vacation announcement.  

The students from Engineering and Medical Colleges protested joining with Arts and Science students.

Protest at Chennai Marina Beach held during midnight.

20 Law College students arrested. Hunger protest continues.

20 students from the Law College, Chennai, attempted to hold a hunger protest against Sri Lanka government at the Marina beach yesterday night were arrested.  However their hunger protest continues from the social welfare center where they are detained.

20 students attached to Ambethgar Legal College, Chennai tried for a sudden hunger protest at Marina beach located near the Gandhi statue, but the police intercepted and notified protest cannot be held without acquiring permission.

The students took alternative measures by holding candles and held a peaceful protest. Police did not agree with this arrangement, and expunged them. At that moment unrest occurred between the students and the police.

 20 students were transported to vehicles, and were detained at Mylapore Social Welfare center; however they continued their hunger protest from their sheltered location.

Chennai IID students began their protest to hold referendum for Tamil Eelam.

Engineering and Medical students joined with the Chennai Arts and  Science College students  in a protest demanding  to hold referendum for TamiL Eelam. The Chennai IID students joined with them today.

Students held one day hunger protest at Chennai IID premises urging referendum to form Tamil Eelam, economy sanction against Sri Lanka including many demands. Students from outside states too attended this protest.

The same system adopted by UN to probe the war crimes occurred during the 2nd world war, to adopt in Sri Lanka, probe against the systemized ethnic genocides carried out at the final war in Sri Lanka, similar to the referendum held in South Sudan to hold a referendum for Tamil Eelam, are the many demands submitted by the IID students.

The IDD students generally maintained the practice of keeping away from protest basically with Tamils welfare, but currently demanding referendum for Tamil Eelam, and their participation is a significant act.

Siddha medical students from Nellai on protest

Nellai Government Siddha Medical College students are on protest demanding to implement a resolution by India at the UN sessions against Sri Lanka and to notify President Rajapakse as war criminal who executed  genocides in Sri lanka.

India should introduce a resolution in UN against Sri Lanka for separate state including many demands are urged by the Palai Siddha Medical College students and the college sessions were boycotted. 

This protest was led by Dr.Ravikumar and   Doctors Kathawarayan and Thambithurai were in the forefront.

500 undergraduates, 180 post graduates, 100 doctors undergoing training including 700 and more attended the sessions boycotting protest.

Many slogans were chanted by the demonstrators, demanding separate state, reprimands, punishment to Rajapakse and Indian government to implement a resolution at the UN sessions.

Male and female college students were engaged in continuous hunger protest near Nellai new bus halt.

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