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Emotions expressed by Kadaloor female fisher folks.


Sales carried out by tying black bands against Rajapakse.

Emotions expressed by Kadaloor female fisher folks.

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 Female fish folks from Kadaloor tied black bands to their jackets, expressed their protest against Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse, and this incident stunned the onlookers.

Protests have exploded in the entire Tamil Nadu, urging the Indian government to support the resolution of United America against Sri Lanka and Rajapakse.

Continuous protests are organized with much eagerness by the students.

The female fishing folk’s community from Kadaloor protested tied black bands to their jackets to express their feelings.

Condemning the shooting activities by the Sri Lanka forces against the  Tamil Nadu fishermen in mid sea,  to establish Sri Lanka President  Mahinda Rajapakse as war criminal and insisting many demands, the female fishing folks were engaged in their sales  at the Kadaloor fish market established  their oppose by tying black bands.

 500 and more women from the  fishing community were engaged in this black band protest to establish their hatred against Sri Lanka government, was shaken by the bystanders.

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