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Tamilnadu Student protest against Sri Lanka intensifies for the 5th day.


Tamilnadu Student protest against Sri Lanka intensifies for the 5th day.


Global News Correspondent

The fast-unto-death commenced by the Chennai Loyola College students has spread today in the entire Tamil Nadu. 

College students from Chennai, Kanjipuram, Tiruchi, Thirunelveli including vital cities have organized protest against the Sri Lanka government.

Forcible treatment for 9 persons

A resolution should be brought against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council by India. International probe is necessary concerning war crimes.Hold a referendum amongst the Tamils in Sri Lanka to find a permanent settlement to the ethnic crisis are the many demands by the College student’s important objectives in holding protest in Tamil Nadu.

12 students from Puthuchery Law College near the Kadatkarai Chalai Ambethgar Manimandamam, Nine students in front of new bus halt commenced fast-unto-death protest on last 11th.

Nine students protesting at the bus halt, their health conditions were in a bad state, hence the Puthucheri police forcibly removed them and admitted to the hospital.

Pay homage by lighting candles

College students of Puthukottai Government Mannar College were on hunger protest from 12th. Backing them, more than 200 students ((males and females) attached to the Ponnamaravathi Ganeshar Arts & Science College were on one day hunger protest.

Public paid  homage by lighting candles to the portrait of the demised Balachandran, son of Pirabakaran.

Law College student’s demonstration

Law College hostel students were engaged in demonstration, notifying adequate treatment was not given to the   students who were severely affected.

One of the student, Palanikumar, heath condition was  badly affected, but even though he was admitted to the Keelpaakam State hospital, proper treatment was not given from the hospital was alleged, and students held a demonstration at  the Poonthamalli highway.

Subsequent to this, Dean Ramakrishnan from State Medical College had discussions with the police and students halted their demonstration.

Students hunger protests multiply the entire state.

200 and more students of Kanjipuram Pachchayappan Adavar College were engaged fast-unto-death protest. 11 Tamil university students were engaged in an indefinite hunger protest in Thanjai terminated it temporarily. They notified in view of Tamil's welfare, will protest in some alternative way.

50 students from Kumbakonam Government Arts College are on hunger protest from 13th. Muthukumar, one of the student’s health condition was severely affected, and was admitted for treatment to the Kumbakonam government hospital. 

Meanwhile college students are on protest in the main cities of Tamil Nadu, including Tiruchi, Kovai and Thirunelveli.

Law College students from Tiruchi, college students from Evora Arts College, college students from Thuwakudi Arts College are engaged in hunger protests.

Students from Barathidasan University too have commenced a protest.  The hunger protest by Law College students has reached the fourth day and reports states, 22 students are on hunger protest.

Government Law College students’ fast-unto-death at Nellai is continuing for the 5th day. 13 students are involved in this hunger protest, out of this, five students health conditions are deteriorating is according to the reports from the locality.

22 students are on continuous hunger protest for the third day at Chennai Puthukkaluri. Students of Chennai Ambethgar Law College are also on hunger protest for the 5th day.

Student Monisha who is involved in the protest said, “What happened in Sri Lanka is not just war crimes, it is a well-planned ethnic genocide. This should be accepted by the international community. Action should be taken against Sri Lanka” insisting on this, the protest are continuing”.


Students from Puthukottai Government Mannar College are on fast-unto-death from last 12th. 200 students from Ponnamaravathi Ganeshar Arts Science College held one day hunger protest on support of them.


22 students from Chennai Puthukallu for the 3rd day held fast-unto-death protest. Law College Chennai students are continuing their hunger protest for the 5th day. This protest is attended, by both male and female students.

200 and more students from Kanjipuram Pachchaiyappan Boys College were on hunger protest.


11 students concluded their protest in Thanjai.

11 students of Tamil University held a hunger protest at Thanjai concluded their protest. 50 students from Kumbakonam government Arts College are engaged in a hunger protest from last 13th.  Out of this Muthukumar a student was admitted to the hospital for treatment.


Five students health condition is critical from the Nellai Government Law College.

 13 students from this college were on continuous hunger protest for five days. Out of this, the health conditions of five students are critical. 

Students of Puthucheri Law College were engaged in hunger protest, and 12 students protested from Kadaikarai Chalai and 9 students are on protest in front of the new bus halt. Nine students out of this, were given treatment forcibly states reports.

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