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President Maithripala’s Son Daham Sirisena Allegedly Involved in Attack on “Clique” Nightclub


President Maithripala’s Son Daham Sirisena Allegedly Involved in Attack on “Clique” Nightclub

Several persons accompanying President Maithripala Sirisena’s son Daham Sirisena have allegedly assaulted security personnel at the posh night club “Clique”at Union Place in Colombo Two in the early hours of Saturday October 8th 2016. Some of those involved in the attack were “officers in civils” of the Presidential security division entrusted with the task of protecting Daham Sirisena it is alleged.

However it is learnt reliably that a concerted effort is being currently undertaken by “higher authorities”together with the proprietors of the nightclub to suppress details of the incident and turn the story around in a bid to “absolve” Daham Sirisena from blame in the incident.

Daham’s parents President Maithripala Sirisena and First Lady Ms. Jayanthy Sirisena are currently in Thailand on an official visit.

The upmarket “ Clique”nightclub located in Union place now known as Dr. Colvin R de Silva mawatte is owned by a trio of businessmen namely Jayasuriya,Rajabdeen and Farooq . The nightclub catering to elite sections of Colombo society is usually open from 6 PM to 2 am. On Fridays and Saturdays it is open from 6 pm to 4 am.

It is learnt that shortly before 2 am on Friday/Saturday night a large group of persons in several defender vehicles had arrived at “Clique” club. They were led by President Sirisena’s son Daham and a relative of his called “Ganemulla Dias”. Daham had wanted to enter the club with all of his entourage but the security guards on duty had prevented that.

The “clique” security guards had said that letting all the PSD personnel with arms accompanying Daham enter the club would upset the other people enjoying themselves at the club. It was suggested that a few PSD persons could enter along with Daham while the rest could remain outside but within the precincts/

Daham and Dias who appeared to be thoroughly intoxicated had strongly objected and an argument had ensued. The Club security guards however would not budge. The group had then left the place after using abusive language to warn the security guards of dire consequences

Some time later the defender vehicles had returned to the spot. A group of persons in civilian garb had got down. No firearms were seen. Once again they demanded entry but were refused again. A verbal altercation ensued again. The thugs then lifted flower pots at the entrance and smashed them by throwing them on the ground. Some other revellers at the night club entrance were also assaulted. Then a few thugs went to their vehicles and brought out poles and rods. They had then smashed the glass panes and a night club steward standing at the entrance. The gang had also started chasing and assaulting the security guards on duty.

Though the goons had tried to “invade “ the club forcibly they were called back by Daham. Though Daham Siriena had been enjoying the scenes of the attack , he himself had not participated directly in the attack. “Ganemulla Dias” was actively involved in the fracas. However according to eyewitnesses Daham Sirisena was seen with a wide grin on his face at times leaving no doubt that he had sanctioned and approved of the attack. The Daham led group withdrew from the club premises after assaulting persons and damaging property.

The “Clique” nightclub management complained to the Slave Island Police who arrived at the spot after the goons had left. The Police questioned people on the spot and took down statements. They also took into possession the CCTV camera footage for further investigations.
Once the “higher authorities” became aware of Daham Sirisenas’s alleged involvement the wheels began turning. The proprietors of “Clique” night club were approached. The Police top brass was informed of the Intricacies of the situation. A large scale cover up exercise began to be executed.

The “Clique” club management and staff were ordered to refrain from mentioning Daham Sirisena’s alleged involvement in complainst to the Police. They were asked to say that a group of unknown persons had engaged in a brawl because they had been refused entry due to a high level of inebriation. The Clique club management that clearly named Daham Sirisena in their initial complaint later amended it to unidentifiable persons.The “Clique” staff were also instructed not to speak to the media. A few however did so “unofficially”

Some of the injured “Clique”security personnel had received treatment at the Colombo National hospital. One Clique employee named Premadasa was seriously injured and was warded at the hospital. A security cordon manned by PSD officers was placed around Premadasa to prevent anyone including Hospital staff speaking to him. TV crews and media personnel were stopped from entering the ward. Premadasa also was instructed to say in his statement that he could not identify any of his assailants.It is also suspected that the CCTV camera footage has been taken over from the Police by PSD officials.

The Sri Lankan media establishment was also persuaded unofficially to play down the incident. Some newspapers however published brief reports of the incident saying that the son of a top VVIP was implicated in a night club brawl. Efforts made by sections of the media to contact Daham Sirisens proved unsuccessful. Accredited Defence establishment spoikespersons were also unavailable to the media for comment.

Speculation is rife as to what action President Sirisena would respond to the incident after his return to Sri Lanka. This is the third known incident where Daham was involved in violence.The first was at the beach resort in Paasikudah and the second at another night club in Colombo. Daham Sirisena was enrolled at a UK university as an undergraduate but returned to Colombo after a few months.

While a huge cover up exercise is underway in Sri Lanka there are also unconfirmed reports that the Prime Minister’s office has called for a full report on the entire incident.

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