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Joint Opposition busy picking names for Rajapaksa’s New Party


Joint Opposition busy picking names for Rajapaksa’s New Party

Members of the Joint Opposition are currently busy weeding through thousands of emails and postal mails, trying to select and finalize a few appropriate names for the new party which will be formed under the leadership of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The party was originally scheduled to be formed this month; however no timeline has been confirmed yet, as the Joint Opposition is still finalizing policies, a new constitution, among other matters in relation to the registration of the new party.

It is reported that the Joint Opposition has received over 4500 name suggestions via email, apart from another several thousand names suggestions sent via post. The group is reported to have received over 7000 suggestions sent in by various parties, including members of the public through postal mail alone.

A special committee has been appointed to go through the emails and postal mails and shortlist several names for the party.

Courtesy: Colombo Telegraph


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