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Both Wikki and Sampanthan are separatists to the perception of chauvinists!!


Both Wikki and Sampanthan are separatists to the perception of chauvinists!!

Some states that Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran had induced racism. Most of them who state likes this have no connections with the north and east. They further state that they would not allow the re-merger of north and east.


People of the north and east will decide whether the north and east would be merged or not as deciding with regard to this is their right. It is the right pertaining to the people who have been living in the merged homeland for years and years. None other than the people of the north and east can decide in this regard.

Ethnic conflict is still prevalent in this country. Why did the Tamil people take up their arms? What happened to the Tamil people at Mullivaikal? No need to answer for these questions as it is well- known to everybody.

You do not do your politics by stating that merger of the north and east would not be allowed, Wikki induces racism and reconciliation is debilitated by Wikki. By doing such politics, do not resume the conflict from its initial stage.  

A few of them headed by the BBS General Secretary Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara thero staged a protest against Wikki at Vavuniya. You label Wikki as an extremist since he does political opposition. Then, why do you oppose Mr.Sampantha?

You state that Sampanthan should not act as an opposition leader….You state that Sampanthan is in an attempt to break up this country.   

You annihilated the liberation of an ethnicity just because of your racist politics by labeling the legitimate demands of Tamils as separatism and racism till the Tamils have been exterminated.

Gnanasara thero and his Gota-Mahinda faction are ferocious in chauvinism. They annihilated our people in accordance with their chauvinist ideology.

Through people’s uprising, Wikki demanded what was demanded by Sampanthan at parliament, in South from International Community.

Our people took part in the “Rise up Tamils” urging the justice to them.

Regardless of by whom it is asked, we want our rights!

We want the justice denied to us!

Reconciliation denies our legitimate rights by labeling it as racism and separatism.

Your justice to us is injustice to us…….


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