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Does everything go futile as the water drawn to of no use?


-Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Does everything go futile as the water drawn to of no use?

Nowadays, my father pundit K.S.Nadarajah’s advices, quotations, jokes and sarcasms often come across in my memories.


When I stood to fight in the 1980s, he told me “Thambi! You go and fight..But your age is not appropriate for that. Liberation struggle is not easy. The journey of it is long. Knowledge and skillfulness should be accompanied it. Knowledge about history is necessary. Searching with regard to the liberation struggles of the world should be continued”

“I do not think that you who just passed the age of 16 have these kinds of skills. You just develop them first. You learn more than 2000 books that I have. Knowledge and experience are increased with age. Till that, do not leave from home. May your life and struggle travel collectively…. Come home to sleep after finishing your tasks”, he added.

The acceptance of my home and the understanding on me enriched my involvement in freedom struggle.  

Our “Appar Akam” located at Maruthanarmadam became as the gathering point for many writers, freedom fighters, artists, theater actors and university students. This became the platform for meetings, debates and discussions. Those times there was a desire to read a lot of books. Without entirely put aside my studies, I continued that with little concern.

The conflicts between the movements which stood to fight for rights started in the early 1980s. At that time, my father told me “child’s farming would not come to home”. After that, in 1985, I was kidnapped and humiliated by TELO and then fortunately released. As my neck throttled, I was unable to turn my neck since I was suffering from pain. My father told me with unbearable anxiety “Thambi! Turn your back…You can see Tamileelam”

When I was feeling distress cause of the deaths and conflicts within and in between the movements, I was arrested by LTTE as well. My father who was on fasting for a week told me “J.R.Jayawardene is a fool. If he gives a district in north and east to each movement stating that you rule your districts, all the movements would fight among them and give the north and east back to J.R.Jeyawardene”. What my father told me comes across in my mind nowadays.     

My father Nadarajah went to Thirumala pilgrimage headed by Father S.J.V.Chelvanayaham. In 1956, he wrote a book named “Tamila! Be vigilant”. In that book, he emphasized that the demand for autonomy would only be strengthened if the resources needed for the self- sustaining economy are integrated.  As a consequence of that, the book was banned and my father was wanted. I saw my father crying as the first time when the funeral procession of Father S.J.V.Chelvanayaham was passing my house along the KKS road.

The afraid, whether everything goes futile as the water drawn to of no use, suffers me a lot while seeing the orgies prevailing in north and east.

What a hell is this? Have we put right everything despite we are almost passing the seventh year after the three decades long war came to an end? We, who speak about nationalism, self-determination, autonomy, “two nations own country”, federalism, merging of north & east and devolution of power days and nights, could not run the provincial council administered by us as the first time after 1987.

As it is said, the provincial councils may be feeble.  It may have the power to dispose the garbage only. As we keep on sweeping the garbage in different directions by forming different groups, provincial council became as garbage.

If we couldn’t run the provincial council ruled by a party which has 33 members and which was overwhelmingly elected by the people, what will happen in case the Tamil province consisting of north and east which has federal system is given to us?

Despite the government gave permission to conduct Mullivaikal Remembrance event in a peaceful manner, even 200 persons were not present at the event apart from the activists and journalists.

Our nation, which demanded the withdrawal of occupying military and the Special Task Forces, now begs the rulers to make sure the enforcement of law and justice.

I wish to tell the things, that my father wanted to tell to J.R.Jawaradene, to the President Maithripala Srisena and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.  

“You give the provincial council to north. After a short time, the people will beg you to get it back and let them live pleasantly”

Once again, I just wanted to remember one story told by my father…….

The one, who had gone to meet the doctor to take medicines for the stomachache that he was suffering from, went back to the doctor on the same day evening and requested the doctor to confine the stomachache with the place as it was earlier when he came to meet the doctor. For that, the doctor asked the patient for the reason of his request. The patient replied that when I came to meet you, I was suffering from stomachache in a single place, but it spread to all over the stomachache once I took the medicine given by you.

He requested the doctor to confine the stomachache with the place as it was.

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-


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