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Devas of the justice! Search the prime root…….


Just because of cutting the lateral roots, prime roots are not going to get destroyed -Nadarajah Kuruparan- 28-05-2016

Devas of the justice! Search the prime root…….

I do not think that protecting the cultural norms of Jaffna or the cultural norms of Jaffna getting shielded would be possible by just punishing the youths or suppressing them through making strict orders on the youths such as no one should not stand in the streets after 6PM and no one should wander around the streets needlessly and unreasonably.


Three decades long war caused a violent culture in north. Three decades long war left us with the mindset, behavior and practice of resolving anything with weapons only.

On the other hand, three decades long intelligence war still prevailing in north has transformed in diverse forms after the weapons got silenced.

Youths in north are being naturally disintegrated in the intelligence war which has the sole intention of making Jaffna society and north as a thoughtless, frail and coward.

Narcotic substances and drugs are conveyed as ordinary dishes into Jaffna district by breaking down the monitoring of two lakhs of occupying Sri Lankan military. The police tied their eyes whenever these narcotic substances are sold at the vicinity of schools. There are talks that narcotic substances are easily transported into Jaffna district behind the enormous political influence.

There are talks that there are veiled hands behind the prevailing sword cuts, chain beats, group fights and the rowdiest activities.

According to me, without taking into account about the secret and veiled hands behind these and without uprooting the prime root, cutting the lateral roots alone would not cause the cultural norms of Jaffna getting shielded or protect it norms itself.  

Sword cutters hurled their swords intrepidly. Thieves steal without any hesitations. Policemen very slowly move to the scene once all these got over.

“If you see us, you yourself chase away from us. If you do not do so, you have to be arrested”, according to the advice given by a police force which guards Jaffna.

When the guards of the law are governing like this, will the verdicts given by the guards of justice rectify Jaffna?

Devas of the justice! Search the prime root…….

Just because of cutting the lateral roots, prime roots are not going to get destroyed. With the venomous lateral roots, which are cut by you, good and productive roots are also cut off. The younger generation, which was suppressed and oppressed in all means for the three decades long war, is being once again oppressed with the name of justice and their natural growth is being hindered and their free movements are being controlled. These kinds of oppressions will lead Jaffna society into another danger.

As the law, justice and administration are in different directions, a robust society cannot be created.

A robust society can be created by eradicating the conflicts prevailing in the post war era though the well functions of the integration of law, justice and administration.


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