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The joint life of two generations at Bern and Burgdorf in Switzerland


-Viewed and Shared by Nadaraja Kuruparan-

The joint life of two generations at Bern and Burgdorf in Switzerland

Swiz Burn and Burgdorf Tamil Parent’s Council conducted “Ezhuka em ilanthalirkal” for the 10th time on 7th of May, 2016 from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM with the brainwave of joining in the society and motivating the talents of the youngsters. I had an opportunity to participate in this event as one of the Special Guests. The experience that I experienced in that one day on which the event was held should be shared in the experiences of my Diaspora life.

“Ezhuka em ilanthalirkal” Magazine was published in the honor of the 10th Anniversary of this event. While delivering a Greeting Speech for that, I stated  below.

War, displacement and migration took the lives of the Tamils into a new demographic. Those who were uprooted over the past three decades from our homeland scattered around the world and established their own lives in the new environment. They created the continuity of their cultural values in the Diaspora countries also.

Thus, we are very much happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tamil Parents' Council established 10 years ago at Bern in Switzerland.

It is respectable and appreciable that the Tamil Parents’ Council established by the first generation of our Tamil Diaspora contributed enormously for stepping the feet of second and third generation in the Diaspora countries.

It is the time for the parents and their next generation, who decorated their life styles in the countries where they have been living, to think about the beautiful life of their relatives living in our homeland.

Diaspora parents and their next generation should think for the renaissance of the lives of children in our homeland.

The persons like me are bothered as we are thinking of whether many functions carried out by our youngsters during the war had silenced with the weapons.

The organization like Tamil Parents’ Council should try to change this plight. It be endeavored to ensure the contributions of the second and third generation of Tamil Diaspora in the education, economic growth, technological developments and the cultural values which are being smashed of the children living in our homeland. 

Like the successive generations of the Jews who were scattered all over the world are thinking of their country and their relatives, our Tamil Diaspora must maintain the continuity of the relationships with our homeland with spirit.

It does not mean that money is only necessary for that. Our next generation of Tamil Diaspora should try to share the knowledge they gathered and the experiences they experienced in their respective countries, skills and the beauty of their lives for the enrichment of our homeland.

Let we create a new world…….

This greeting was delivered by me for the Ezhuka em ilanthalirkal” Magazine.

Let we go into the programs provided by the two generations together. The event held as the two sessions. During the morning session of the event, a discussion between the delegates of the social organizations in Switzerland and the representatives of the Swiz Burn and Burgdorf Tamil Parent’s Council and the audience was held.

How the Tamil Diaspora could co-live with the indigenous communities of Switzerland and the contradictions with regard to that, the closeness and the gaps between the Tamil Diaspora and its second generation were the matters that were discussed during this session.

Cultural events were performed by the second generation of Tamil Diaspora in between these discussions. The dance performances of the two sisters of the same family of Switzerland natives for Tamil songs raised the eyebrows of all.

Apart from that, the talent of Sivanujan Selliah, who perfectly translate the speech in Switzerland language delivered by the local representative of Harittas organization which is working together with the Diaspora societies into Tamil language, should be congratulated. While, the second generation of Tamil Diaspora being away from the influence of our mother tongue are choosing the language spoken in the country where they have been living as their first language, the equivalent knowledge that he has in both his mother language and the language spoken in the country where he has been living