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Jaffna that I have seen and heard –Part-2 -Nadaraja Kuruparan-


Jaffna that I have seen and heard –Part-2
-Nadaraja Kuruparan-

Tamil Diaspora which emerged owing to the three decades of war has been being a significant impact on the upsurge, fall and resurrection of the Eelam freedom struggle.


I have reasons to say like this. A new class division which is called those who are idle has been emerged in Jaffna. Tamil Diaspora is engaged in providing foods to the idle younger generation who spend their times at junctions, temple premises and nooks and corners of the street.

I could realize how the foreign currency is spent when I see the motorcycle parades of the youngsters who provide protection to the buses and mini buses which carry girl students to the schools in the mornings and evenings.

I already heard that Jaffna faces severe impediments in the post war era. Tamils who are in exile do hard works tirelessly in the days and nights even in the midst of snowy and cold weather regardless of their talents and prestige in order to safeguard themselves and their relations who are living in Eelam. The money earned by them even in the midst of such huge sufferings creates an idle and stupid younger generation.

One of my friends took me to a popular restaurant in Jaffna. The vacancies for cashier and waiter were yet to be filled there. The administrators of the restaurant told my friend that they could not find employees for those vacancies. Rs.30, 000 are paid to the post of cashier in this particular restaurant. But, many who joined for this post of cashier had left, according to the administrators of this particular restaurant. Industrial estate in Atchuvely was re-established with the assistance given by the Indian government. While addressing in a function held at Jaffna, the Indian Deputy Consul Nadarajan expressed his anxiety whether the money spent for this Industrial Estate would be in vain despite four factories had already started functioning in this Industrial Estate which was re-established at the cost of 220 million.

This Industrial Estate is divided into two zones such as zone-1 and zone-2. Zone-1 which is built in 25 acres of land has 22 blocks. Some of the investors who took some of these blocks for rent did not invest any of their investments in this Industrial Estate. 110 persons are working at four factories which had been invested already. But, in the production of the Amano Sheet manufacturing company, machineries are highly used. 40 plots of lands are reserved for the zone-2. According to the instructions given, these can be used to build factories after finding the solution to the ecological issues.     

I have asked from many about the reason for the failure of the Atchuveli Industrial Estate. Some of them told me that the promised investors had retreated. One of them told me that many investors are reluctant to invest as they have to pay the rent for three years as the advance to the blocks which are provided for the rent for 25 years. According to some others, Jaffna community is reluctant to work in the factories started in this Industrial Estate. Meanwhile, one who is related to the particular Industrial Estate told me that skilled workers are not available to some works and he further added that suitable jobs for the talents of someone are also unavailable.

It is stated that both genders of Jaffna community are not ready to work in the garment factories, leather factories and footwear manufacturing factories. One of my friends from South told me that the reason for this is the social structure of Jaffna community. One’s social status is determined by the job he/she performs, he added.

In the meantime, all regardless of their age are ready to work in the factories which are going to be opened in Vanni, according to one of my political friends who have been being with the people in Vanni for several years. The circumstance of them forces them to go to work. Despite, there are various criticisms with regard to the various forms of exploitations particularly in terms of salary prevailing in Vanni, the people from there are ready to go to work as they are in a position to work for their foods. Neither the mindset for working physically nor readiness to join in works prevailing among the most of the Jaffna people, the observers said.

As the thought of the social structure of Jaffna community is still being as “Doesn’t matter even though the job is a labor in poultry farm if it is a government job”, most of them, who prefer government jobs and banking jobs, throw off the private jobs.

One who is related to Nursing Training College expressed his sorrow by stating that the number of nursing students who are undergone to nursing training has been hugely decreased. He added that only 25% of the nursing students who are undergone to nursing training are from Jaffna. Seats for the nursing students are not filled even with the intake of Tamil and Muslim students from Amparai, Batticaloa and Trincomalee. He added that Sinhalese students are also going to join in the Nursing Training College in Jaffna in the coming years.

As the war came to an end, Sri Lankans will not most probably be granted asylum. In this circumstance, a section of people are still wasting their times with the dream of going abroad even risking their lives and money.

Several Diaspora Tamils do their investments in Jaffna nowadays. But, I have doubt whether these investments would be suitable to the job opportunities of Jaffna people.

Wedding Halls are widely built at the expenses of many million without having the calculation of how many wedding functions would be celebrated per month as per the current population of Jaffna. Seeing the money spent for building these Wedding Halls, feeling sad about how many persons could be provided job opportunities is inevitable.

A Shopping Complex consists of three floors have been built in the center of Jaffna. Only few shops were taken for rent even in the first floor. One of the friends of the person who is responsible for this Shopping Complex asked this particular person why the remaining 2 floors are being built even though the shops in first floor are still not rented. But the old man who is responsible for the building of this particular Shopping Complex responded that by saying “He is sending money from abroad. He asked me to complete the construction of this building without stopping it. So, I am carrying out”  

Temples are polished repeatedly by the Village Unions and philanthropists. They are building chariots, towers and halls at the expense of several million. What will be the use by doing such things?

If we want to move forward the Eelam in constructive paths in this post war era, Diaspora Tamils accompany their friends and relations in Eelam should invest their money in the projects, which will fulfill the needs of our society, with proper planning.

Having realized the context of reality, working as per that is the today’s needs. North will not travel on the path towards development by buying the agricultural lands with the intention of transforming the money that they have in foreign as the assets, by fencing the agricultural lands as wastelands, by constructing luxurious palaces for them to stay at their visit to Jaffna once a year or twice a year and by keeping the buildings that have built by them closed.

Everyone should concern on changing the post war environment as a constructive environment. The struggle for political solution and finding the ways to achieve it should be continued. Urging the accountability for the scars on Tamils due to the war crimes and human rights violations committed against them should be continued. On the other hand, social consciousness, culture and values should be protected from being deteriorated.


Jaffna that I have seen -Part-1

25 Mar 16 18:53 (GMT)
-Nadaraja Kuruparan-
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