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Jaffna that I have seen -Part-1


-Nadaraja Kuruparan-

Jaffna that I have seen  -Part-1

(Welcome to Jaffna)

In Jaffna, various kinds of two wheelers such as motorcycles, scooters, etc are filled the roads. Most of those who ride these two wheelers are youngsters. Women who roam between work and family obligations also largely use motorbikes.

The two wheelers rolling in the hands of youths do not have speed controls. Most of the youths who do not have carefulness and patience meet with accidents. Consequently, minor to gory accidents are taken place frequently.

Going to the destination from the home without seeing at least an accident is almost impossible nowadays. Going on the road without meeting with an accident is really fortunate nowadays.

When I was riding a motorbike (Pulsar) along the KKS road, I could see a middle-aged woman in front of me was riding a small bike very slow and steady on the proper side. In the opposite direction, two youths who were coming by cycle attempted to cross the road. While they were attempting to cross the road, they collided the particular woman in small motorbike as these two youths had their concentration on their funny talks. After the accident, the affected girl managed to rise up with bleeding injuries.

But, those two youths argued that the accident caused not because of them but because of the particular woman as she failed to hold the break properly. The accident which cause in front of my eyes was due to the mistakes made by those two youths. But, they were not ready to accept their faults.

The motorbikes which are in the hands of those who unwantedly spends money which is received from abroad and from intimidating the parents or guardians become a  headache to those who appropriately drive their vehicles, according to the people.

These kinds of prodigal youths and their antisocial activities are upsetting the North, according to the anxiety expressed by the people.

It is notable that leasing companies targeted the North once the A-9 road was opened had provided vehicles on loan in an uncontrolled manner. On the other hand, some of those who purchased vehicles on loan basis were unable to pay the monthly installments and thereby their vehicles were taken over.

In European countries, in getting the driving license, insurance amount for those who are aged below 18 determined higher than the insurance amount determined for the older and experienced people. Getting the driving license is not an easy task in Europe countries unlike countries like Sri Lanka. After being undergone to the long training and the awareness on the traffic rules and passing exams only, the driving license is issued in the European countries.

But, in the countries like Sri Lanka where such controls are very less in practice, particularly in north which was opened after the three decades of war, appropriate actions should be taken by the Central and Provincial governments to stop the rash driving of the youths.

But the actions to stop the rash driving of the youths alone are not alone, according to me. Awareness and counseling are needed to the younger generation of the society which was suddenly left from the clutches of the war surroundings.

The ways to make use of the powers of the youths, who are roaming out of the adolescent feelings, in constructive ways, must be found. Unless no outside forces need to destroy north as it will destroy itself gradually.


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