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Do not sell indigenous lands for military purposes –Kajatheepan-


-Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Do not sell indigenous lands for military purposes –Kajatheepan-

Kajatheepan, one of the members of Northern Provincial Council, requested the people not to sell their indigenous lands for military purposes just because of the intimidations and deceptive promises.

In the news report sent by him to the Medias, he stated like this.

Following are stated in this news report;

Even during this period which is said to be the peaceful time after many years passed once the war came to an end, our people have been staying at refugee camps and relatives’ homes. The Sri Lankan government and its military had been seizing the lands of people for setting up the military camps.

Meanwhile, while the people are having hope that their lands would be released during the government of good governance, the attempts of grabbing the people’s lands are being once again started slowly in the blanket of government of good governance.

Recently, the attempts of appropriating the lands near the Sethankulam Church for the expansion of naval base were halted by the people. Similarly, measuring activities of the lands with the intention of seizing it permanently have been halted at Thiruvadinilai in Sulipuram following the strong opposition expressed by the fishermen who gathered there yesterday.

However, unpleasant and shocking incidents that some people accept to send their indigenous lands to the military just because of the deceptive promises and intimidations on them are also happened.  

Following the various pressures exerted on him, one of the owners of the lands, where Tiruvadinilai naval base is located, agreed to give land to the navy. This is not only a dangerous action but also the betrayal action which would ultimately annihilate our future existence.


My dear relations!

I beg you not to trigger off the activities of annihilating the future existence of our Tamil ethnicity by selling our indigenous lands for military purposes.

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