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Forgive me as I reveal what is in my inner conscience -Nadarajah Kuruparan-


Forgive me as I reveal what is in my inner conscience  -Nadarajah Kuruparan-


Many argumentative discussions with regard to the Great Heroes Day events have been prominently filled in the social websites and Medias.

I am also one among those who have been being frustrated, mentally distressed, pressured and blamed for last 8 years during the Great Heroes Day events.

All cadres and people who sacrificed their lives for the ethnic and national emancipation should be commemorated. I have no alternative comments in this regard. I have an indelible space in my mind for them forever.

However, making use of those who sacrificed their lives for someone’s own existence, opportunism, bargaining and for their celebrations make problems and contradictions here.

We have been broadcasting our radio programs in a peaceful way by avoiding cinema songs and live broadcastings in the honor of Great Heroes Day during the 26th and 27th of November for last 8 years. There are no words to express the pressure exerted and being exerted on us because of this broadcasting practice during the Great Heroes Day.

We have lost many audiences owing to this……. We have lost many advertisements……. We have lost years of contributions from many…….In spite of all these, we did not give up our broadcasting policy…….

Even this time, someone who was ready to sponsor asked us to broadcast special events during the Great Heroes Week. But we did not accept this offer made by them. Therefore, even this time, we were blamed by many.

We could not live by selling our consciences. My conscience does not allow me to conduct Media business by broadcasting special events and advertisements with the name of commemoration of the Great Heroes Day. Even this time, we broadcasted logical events and good songs during these two days.

However, as far as we could, we used to publish and broadcast about the Great Heroes Day events commemorated in Eelam since I do not consider the commemoration in Eelam as the business. They express their feelings without thinking of their lives in spite of the intelligence surveillance and tightened security. Though the lighting events conducted by the Tamil political figures are reasoned out that it is because of their political existence, they did not collect money from people and commemorate the martyrs with luxurious expenditures.

Meanwhile, I should share my unforgettable experience in my life in exile in 2012. The person I know was a member in the help group for the organizers of the Great Heroes Day. One day, when I asked him during our friendly chat, from where this much of money came as you conduct this Great Heroes Day in a luxurious manner.

“The money collected from Tamil organizations and people, the money earned thorough the selling of food and beverages at the Great Heroes Day event and the offering gifts collectively give minimum 175,000 pounds. After all expenditures, 50,000-75,000 pounds would remain”, he responded.

This statement brought to the mid-1990s in front of my eyes. In the mid-1990s I met with one of my friends (he is a Brahman) whom I met with him after the 1980s. “What are you doing?”,I asked him. “I owe a temple. There is no problem for earning. I am ok. Buddy! Please forgive me”, he responded.

I could not find any big difference between what he said and what was said that 50,000-75,000 pounds would remain in hand after the commemoration of the Great Heroes Day. The former earns through owing a temple by making use of the people's godliness as his capital. But these people are making use of the sacrifices of the martyrs as capital for their own existence and prestige.

Those who died in the world wars are commemorated every year in Britain. They commemorate this in a peaceful manner at the adjoining areas of the memorial places. There is a park in the area where I stay. There is a memorial stupa in this park which was established in the commemoration of those who died from this particular area. Ministers, parliamentarians and political figures come to this place and pay their homage together. 

But our Great Heroes Day has been changed as the Deepaweli, Thaipongal, New Year and Christmas celebrations. New dresses, decorations, new ornaments, carnival events and heroic worships are in practice during this Great Heroes Day celebration.

Apart from the commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives for us, this event became as the event that suffers the feelings of those who lost their parts of bodies and their kiths and kin in this post war era.

Taking Selfie with the photos of Martyrs and the hall where the Great Heroes Day is celebrated, broadcasting and telecasting the advertisements that they are going to live broadcast and telecast the commemoration of the Great Heroes Day and publishing posters in the social medias in this regard as they considered themselves that these are prestige to them are today’s practice. Will anyone of them take Selfie with those who lost their organs in the war and whom are being considered as the untouchable?

At this moment, the poem wrote by Nilanthan in the post war era comes across in my mind…….

All those who were killed are the luckiest persons as they are not listed in the traitor list

Criticisms may or may not be on those who were arrested, wounded and those who surrendered to the Military and those who do not have the organs to digest the defeat.

Apart from all, those cadres and people who died only with the sole expectation of gaining the liberation of our people can never be forgotten.

Commemoration of them should really be simple and humble.

People who are in exile should organize these events in the playgrounds, parks and public places. If they do so, our martyrs and people are commemorated at the thousands of villages and cities in Europe, North-America, South-America, Australia and Asia. By doing so, other communities living around them would realize our pains, tragedies and sorrows.

On the other hand, if the millions worth of Sri Lankan rupees are saved each year, then this money can be spent to uplift the livelihoods of the families of martyrs, those who lost their organs, and those who lost their families.

Our people in exile can be a real part of our liberation struggle when they keep them aloof from these illusions by realizing these facts. Apart from that, gaining prestige for them by stating that my son, my daughter, my sister and my brother is martyr and making the mentality that those who were not born in the families of martyrs are not respected will not assist the step to mobilize the people for the people’s liberation. Gaining liberation by doing so as they do is similar to stripper the fiber from the stone.

Many things written and published by me during the Great Heroes Day made many controversies. Many angrily asked me that why I am publishing these only during the Great Heroes Week though accepting that my comments are legitimate. Therefore, I kept silence during the Great Heroes Week this time.

Now, many are coming out of the illusions after the end of the Great Heroes Day celebrations. Now, I reveal what is in my inner conscience as they would once again get ready to spend pounds and euros for watching south Indian films in European theatres, dance programs of south Indian heroines and grant musical programs. For that please forgive me. My writings would never hurt the true sympathizers.

Whoever gets annoyed by these writings could be recognized as who they are. I will not respond to those who blame me and do character assassination on me after these writings as usual. You acknowledge my comments if you find it are legitimate. If not, make constructive comments on it. I kindly inform you all that I would delete all the unhealthy comments made by either pro-tigers or anti-tigers with their intention of justifying their politics.     

In lieu of our tight procedures, as a media, we lost and are losing many advertisements, gifts, subscriptions, audiences and readers. We are facing economic hardships. We are being frustrated due to the unhealthy comments, blames and character assassinations on us. But, though we do not achieve the boundary on which an ideal media should attain, we are almost satisfied as we achieved 75 percentage of what is required to be an ideal media.

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-


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