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Senthoora! Let the iron-hearts be melted in the flame in which your body got charred…….


-Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Senthoora! Let the iron-hearts be melted in the flame in which your body got charred…….

My dear son!


I cannot accept your demise. I do not know the depth and breadth of the sacrifice of you……. Many are come up with various stories with regard to your death.

According to them, your death in the Great Heroes Week is martyrdom. Your death is said to be self- sacrifice. You are praised as courageous hero, daring Tamil who stepped forward to protect the Tamil’s prestige. You are everywhere in the websites and social medias.

I have a son in your same age. I am the only one who knows how I am vexed if he gets late to return home. I could not see you separating from him.

I am now thinking of the reminiscences of my school time when I was studying at Jaffna Kokuvil Hindu College. Seeing the school tie worn by the students who carry your body troubled my mind as the memories of wearing this same school tie in our school days come across in my mind. I recalled those days when I took political classes at my school. All of these are come across as the dreams.

That time was the upraising of Tamil nationalism. Thousands of youths gathered in the militant movements for Eelam demand in that great time. At that time, weapons spoke to the ruling governments. That time was the meaningful time for the upraising of the youths.


Your time is the time which is being spent futilely though 5 years already passed after the blood-spattered Mullivaikal war came to an end.  

This is the time when we are struggling without knowing the direction to take path. This is the prevailing time for lies, deceits, taking advantages of other’s sacrifices and narrating heroic hymns through letting others to die just for their own political existence.

Did your nice heart know that the sacrifices of more than 50,000 cadres and demises of hundred thousands of people are being utilized as the commodities just for the political bargaining and existence? 

Still I could not accept your death Senthoora ...

Didn’t even you, who selected Media studies as a subject in your advanced level studies, understand that just sentimental feelings alone will not bring the liberation of an ethnicity?

When the bloody Mullivaikal war was ongoing, how many of them from Tamilnadu, diaspora including Murugathasan sacrificed themselves for us. Did the world turn its stance?

Did the Sri Lankan government consider this?         


At Vavuniya prison, political prisoners began hunger strike unto death demanding the release of all Tamil political prisoners. Then they continued their protest by capturing a prison officer as a hostage. During that time, those who began that struggle spoke to me…….

I asked them not to take tough decisions emotionally by stating that fighting with Mahinda siblings means fighting with a mountain. But they did not listen what I told them. They told me that Tamil Diaspora and Tamil parties were with them.


What happened at the end? Many of those who tempted those prisoners are living in the European countries airily.  Nimalarupan, one of those who fought as a political prisoner was killed after being brutally tortured. Many other prisoners were transferred to the prisons in South after being tortured. Some of them were strained to eat shit.


Many parents who consider your death as a heroic saga keep their children on their laps. They are endeavoring to make their children as doctors, engineers, accountants and experts in many other fields. During their leisure time, they become social media fighters who fight against the Sri Lankan government through inducing other children in our homeland.

My dear child!

Your death will never change the intransigent attitude of the rulers. Will your death at least melt the hearts of those who attempted to establish heroic saga in others’ death?


Let the suicide culture be ended with you. Your decision should never be a precedent to the Eelam children. Instead, your death should make them aware, develop the intellectual hegemony and annihilate ethnic preeminence.


Go and come again…….I am struggling in realizing the feelings of you. I am not daring to decorate you as a martyr, courageous hero, daring Tamil and etc for my existence. You are a noble man in history.

Senthoora! Let the iron-hearts be melted in the flame in which your body got charred…….

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-




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