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Why does Malaramma shed tears?


-Anpazhakan for Global Tamil News- -Translated by Global Tamil News-

Why does Malaramma shed tears?

Though Puthukudiyiruppu city which was distroyed gruesomely in the genocidal war is getting rejuvenated, the wounds due to the war on its face remain unhealed.  Shell perforated houses and shops are still being as the witnesses for the deadly war.


However, it is gradually reviving such a way it can be referred as the city recovered from the disaster or the city being recovered from the disaster. Malaramma’s house is located approximately 200 meters away from the road leads to Keppapulavu from Puthukudiyiruppu.

It cannot be said as a house. This is the hut which was built at the beginning of the resettlement. That seems to be as the hut that got deteriorated is still being maintained by covering using the thatches. This house clearly tells their fate due to the war. This hut clearly tells the teary story of Malaramma.

When we were searching for someone’s house, Malaramma intercepted us and started telling about her story. 64-years-old Malaramma has three children. Her husband was killed at the Mullivaikal war after being wounded. Following to that she has left isolated into the loneliness and sorrows.

Malaramma not only lost her husband but also she lost her leg in the war.

Despite she faced heavy losses in the war, she returned to Puthukudiyiruppu with the hope of continue her life. After she returned to Puthukudiyiruppu, she had to face another tragedy. An issue came with regard to the land where she had been living as someone claimed its ownership.

She went everywhere for her land. Land documents have been destroyed in the war. Those who are in power are attempting to take over her land. Therefore, the officers support to those who have the intention to confiscate her land, according to the accusations made by Malaramma.

Malaramma ascertained that she would definitely win in the struggle for her land. Teary mother (Malaramma) told us about the troubles she faced when her mother passed away recently inside this hut.



How long does she have to live in this hut that cannot protect her from rain, dust and heat? She wants to be given the housing scheme for constructing a permanent home at her own land. By reasoning out about the land dispute, she has been being pushed into this hut for six years.

Her life started wandering towards Mullivaikal in 2009, is still continuing as a refugee life inside a hut during the disaster. According to the statements of the government, war is over and everybody got everything.

How many families are still wandering and suffering with tears due to such land disputes? Government and its officers should wipe out the tears of these people. The sorrows of mothers like Malaramma should be eradicated village to village.

Malaramma fights for her land alone.

Why does Malaramma shed tears? This is a very important question. We are an ethnic group that faced genocidal war and still being endangered due to the land appropriation. Who are attempting to take over the lands of a mother who lost her husband and her leg in the war?

Those who have connections with it should think well.

Governments and politicians alone do not appropriate the lands. Lands of poor people are being seized by those close to power and those who have the despotic mentality.  Many such land disputes wander the people after the war in Vanni. Many such mothers like Malaramma are shedding tears.

-Anpazhakan for Global Tamil News-



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