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The selection of the national list of the UPFA and the messages that Maithri came to deliver:


-Nadarajah Kuruparan-

The selection of the national list of the UPFA and the messages that Maithri came to deliver:


The United People's Freedom Alliance has released the names of its parliamentarians elected through national list. Once again, Maithri has answered in his own style.

For me, this move has already been expected. “Operation liberation” begun once the end of election campaign continues until the appointment of national list.

Dew Gunasekara, Prof. Tissa Vitharana, Prof. GL Peiris, Tissa Attanayake, Reginald Cooray, Sri Ranga, Prabha Ganeshan and Tiran Alles were the names listed in the national list of The United People's Freedom Alliance, which was issued with the strong grip of Mahinda Rajapaska before the election. In order to smash this, the president changed the secretaries of the parties and banned them from functioning until 24th of this month.

The president joined those who were taken revenge by Mahinda to the national list through the new secretaries thus he wiped out the Mahinda’s faction.

Professor GL Peiris, is the important one among the famous law professors Sri Lanka. He played important roles in the field related posts of the University of Colombo. He was brought to the national list in the Chandrika’s regime. The he defected to Ranil’s side when Ranil came to power. He had once again defected to Mahinda’s regime.  Chandrika who introduced him to politics once said that G.L.Peris was a brainless professor. Political power and privileges did not leave even a wise professor.  As a result, he has become as not only the political orphan but also a brainless professor.

Dew Gunasekara, Prof. Tissa Vitharana are the two who are the next most important. Both of them entered into the politics through the leftist parties and then became as the right-wing opportunists to do political trade accompanying the rulers. Political future of them being as the chameleon has become to the darkest point.

It is needless to say about Tissa Attanayakka. He is the person being laid off in a corner has brought by Ranil to the bed of roses. Not only he has betrayed for the petty advantages, but also he attempted to mislead the people by putting the fake signatures of the president and the prime minister. His politics have also demised.

Former parliamentarian Sri Ranga in the guise of Journalist attempted to annihilate the lives of others through his media power. Those who were put to shame by him in the last regime are many. Iyt could be said that the punishment given by Maithri to Ranga, who did the worst media politics with the intention of shaming others and doing bargaining politics through the media through which anything can be done according to him, is very less.

Tran Alas has also safeguarded his existence by doing bargaining politics with the ruling parties through his media and money strength.  He who thought that he could do anything in the Mahinda’s regime has also become helpless now.

The parliamentary national list this time makes sure that in case in future, either any journalist or any of the Medias use the Medias for their own political benefits will ultimately become as orphan not only in the politics but also in the journalism.

People have taught a good lesson to the Journalist Vithiyatharan, who confronted with the Tamil National Alliance after attempting for a political bargaining with it, then contested in the election by using the ex-cadres as the political pawns.

Same as the media culture prevailing in South north based Media organization is still doing political bargaining with the Tamil National Alliance using its Media strength and by putting forth its slogans stating they were the ones who was being as the voice of Jaffna during the war times. It keeps on achieving victory in its bargaining. It is not healthy; dangerous. Such behaviors of the journalists will shorten the democratic space.

“Politicizations of the management and the owners of the private Medias affected the neutrality that is to be maintained in the election times according to the international norms”, EU report says.

Political leaderships in the Tamil politics including north and east should courageously avoid the attempts of the Media organizations, Journalists and the popular persons in their attempts of bargaining and maintaining the political power. Otherwise, people would give a clear answer.   

Finally, Maithri has come to say a message also through the appointment of Ankayan Ramanathan, Hezbollah (though he identified himself as the loyalist to Mahinda, the president gave him national list seat as he has no way to represent the Batticaloa), Fawzi and Pizar Mustafa. He has cleared up by doing so that Sri Lanka Freedom Party would not be as a party where no representation of minorities under his leadership. It is another story that Ankajan has selected for the representation of Tamils. Apart from that, he is trying to make the representation of his party in Jaffna and Batticaloa, where his party could not achieve its parliamentary representation, and the representation of Muslims in Colombo. In another corner, the president removed Pillaiyan through selecting Hizbullah. 

In fact, Maithri has selected these persons as he considers them as those who are comparatively fit to his party to represent the Tamil and Muslim.

By doing so, he has delivered the messages to many.

The important matter that should be noted here by the minority parties is that what will happen to those who have the supports of the people if they move towards the majoritarian ethnic parties unless those who were selected to the national list this time.  

-Nadarajah Kruparan-




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