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Crocodile tears and three layers


-Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-

Crocodile tears and three layers

Caricature- Thanks Awantha Artigala


Cartoonist Awantha has posted this above caricature in his Facebook. Awantha is an artist who is capable of revealing a caricature which can be explained using thousands of words. He is an artist who has wonderful social consciousness. But, it should here be sadly revealed that in the perspective of ethnic issues, the layers in the minds of the very progressive artists, which might have been removed out is yet to be removed out.  I hope that my anxiety will be taken by anyone who knows both Tamil and Sinhala to the artists like Awantha who has wonderful social consciousness.

In the above caricature drawn by Awantha;

Tamil National Alliance put forth the demand for federalism in this election. Just because gaining the votes of Tamils, TNA demanded federalism. TNA shed crocodile tears. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it. Thus, this caricature told the Sinhalese voters not to worry about it. (Just look at the comments made on this caricature in Facebook. Though Awantha is not liable for these comments, by looking at these comments, we could realize that what was developed by this caricature in the Sinhala mindsets)

Other than that Tamils are surprised by the demand of federalism in this election. The symbol of three layers used to denote the Tamils is kicked off. There are Tamils who themselves put cross in their chests. I would have been delighted if this caricature had gone to Tamils alone.

By creating the semblance of as crocodile you are afraid of TNA, which acknowledges what is given without confronting behind the screen.   

Here, there is another Alliance. It demands for “One Country. Two Nations” You will be gifted if you draw a caricature expressing the tears shed by it is Dinosaur tears.



We criticize the political demands of Tamil politicians rather than your criticisms over them. But the intention of us is different.  

We are angry with our politicians as they do deceptive politics for the parliamentary seats while the prevailing circumstance in which even at least much less political demands are also impossible due to the geopolitics and the judiciary and administrative state structure which has the features of Sinhala racism.

In fact, Tamil politicians are not demanding the federal solution.  They are just asking for the well-off to sit on the parliamentary seats. You just tell them that parliamentary privileges will be given to them for five years. Then most of them will not contest in the elections.

Did the Tamils, who were defeated in the armed struggle, completely give up their entire political demands?

How do the progressive Sinhalese look at the political demands put forth by the Tamils as the ethnic solutions after abandoning the separatist demand? Don’t you feel happiness as the ones who demanded separate state now demand federal solution?


How do you view the legitimate political demands of an ethnic group? The tears shed by the politicians are actually crocodile tears. But, in your perspective, federal demand is just crocodile tears of the TNA????

Even a single drop is drought in the ocean of ethnic conflict.  At the moment, what should an artist tell to his/ her people? Don’t you have the sense of responsibility of creating awareness about the political demands of the minority ethnic groups among the Sinhalese people? You couldn’t be able to say that Tamils just demands for the federal solution!!!!!!!

Beyond the political circumstance, political policies, political conditions and possibilities of it, the creator’s mind works differently. Mindset of a creator is against the oppression and subjugation. The mindset of a real artist is broad minded. You too have that mindset. But there is a layer on it. You just remove it out.



You may ask me, “What are you, who are writing this much, going to say to Muslim people?”  

I will look at them and say “You take what is belong to you”

If the mutual hearty circumstances prevailing in Sri Lanka so as to each ethnic group takes only what is belong to it, then all good things are possible such as living together, living with generous feelings and living separately. Even all are same.    


Your caricature will be worth of crores in case TNA demands for the federal solution with the intention of separating Tamils from a circumstance where all the ethnic groups in Sri Lanka are free from oppression and enjoy equality in a highly prestigious democratic ruling.  

-Theva Abira-





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