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Ecstasy of chair and blood blemish


-Remembrance of Navali Church massacre- -Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-

Ecstasy of chair and blood blemish

The date for the election has been announced. Political parties are getting ready for feeding illusions to the people.


Parliament is the center of authority of a country. Votes of the people are needed for the politicians to enter into it. (Those politicians who seized the ballet papers of people are not included in it) Feelings emerged, when we see the works of politicians and when we listen to the speeches of them, cannot be easily described. Most of the people would be subjected to the sense of irritability, anxiety and disgust.

The leader of Tamil National Alliance recently stated that permanent political solution can only be achieved through strengthening the bargaining power of Tamils in the current democratic environment. He further used the big terms as well such as Tamil nation and self-determination. Fortunately, this time, he did not call Pirabaharan for assisting him. Chief Minister Vigneshwaran would have made him remembered this, if he had been nearby him. 

In the history of Sri Lanka, Tamils were with bargaining power at the peak of armed struggle when most of our territories were under the control of our rebels. Tamils attained bargaining power when Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam achieved Military equivalent by smashing the Sri Lankan military bases. That time when Tamils were with bargaining power had not been farsightedly handled by the leadership of it.

Everybody knows how the bargaining of Tamil politicians was in the post-independence era in Sri Lanka. The bargaining of them was almost related to their personal interests and the interests of the class belonging to them.

Attainment of complete powers for the oppressed communities through parliamentary politics is impossible in the countries where real democracy is yet to be developed. Specially, attaining the rights and powers of ethnic minorities in the multi-ethnic country like Sri Lanka is as stripping fiber from stone.

A politician should be courageous and sincere to tell this truth to the people. On the other hand, all the communities are in need of taking part in parliament for monitoring the power units that operate the country and to direct it if possible. Your uproars “We are going to parliament for fulfilling lofty goals and to struggle for attaining powers” during only the election period are due to your thinking of people as stupid.       

For what, why, how, to what extent, where and at what sort of democratic circumstance did you bargain? No response would be for these questions.

Sir! Is there no democratic environment for responding to these questions?

Having read this, you will get angry? So what?

Tamils have no strength for forcing the parties of ethnic majorities toward just and permanent political solution in the prevailing circumstance domestically and internationally. The strength for this is only in the hands of imperialist powers. But the intention of the imperialist and regional powers is not that.  

Not merely in this election but in every election, all ethnic minorities should ever have to reveal a strength message. That is the expression of socio mental strength “We will not bow to the ethnic and socio-economic oppressions. If a politician really wants to make it, he will need to come down from his election campaign vehicle and luxury vehicle.  He should have to change him as a political activist.

Then, people will make the best use of elections. While welcoming the changes in real democratic frame, a political activist has the responsibility to make the people aware that liberation cannot be attained through bargaining. Attaining powers alone does not mean attaining liberation. Perception of liberation would be started to be germinated at the concept of from where, to whom and for the sake of whom.  These are the things that have to be spoken out to the younger generation.

Speaking at an election campaign recently, Chandrika Bandaranayake stated that she has no blood stains in her hands. In fact, it can be said that among the leaders of the countries, there are very few can be claimed as the ones who have no blood stains in their hands.

What Chandrika stated is equivalent to the statement in case stated by Tony Blair that he has no blood stains in his hands. It is also equivalent to the statement in case delivered by George Bush that he has no blood stains in his hands. Many leaders themselves committed murders in the history. Chandrika may not have killed anyone using her own hands. How the blood droplets of the massacres committed in her regime, which sprinkled to the eyes of the world, did not reach to her eyes? It is not lie that politicians keep their trust on the oblivions of people.

Exactly twenty years ago from today (9-07-1995), during the Sri Lankan military operations to capture Jaffna peninsula, Bhukkara aircraft bombed on Navali Church where displaced people had sought shelter.   Sri Lankan military intentionally dropped seven bombs at once on this church that is located far from battle field while fighting was silent. This bombardment killed more than 150 innocent civilians.

Madam! Didn’t the blood droplets sprinkled reach to your eyes or your hands?

In Sri Lanka, Military is the hands of the president.

Military, Police and Judiciary are the hands of power. Those are the hands of those who are in power. Where would the stains and the blemishes, due to the breeching of them, scum?  The stains are in your hands whereas sorrows are in our hearts.

Dear Sampanthar Sir!

As like Chandrika courageously stated that she has no blood stains in her hands, you can deliver a statement stating “We don’t go to parliament because of the Ecstasy of parliament chair. That would strengthen your bargaining power.

-Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-




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