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Crusaders for democracy…….


“The intention of the questions raised in this article is not to injure you or the revelations on the doubts on you…….” -Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Crusaders for democracy…….

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On behalf of Global Tamil News, I have contacted with many to communicate regarding the problems being faced by the ex-cadres in the post-Mullivaikal era. Many male and female cadres are among them.

I made assistances collected from others available to some of those, who faced hardships due to lack of livelihoods. Those who contacted among the readers of this article will realize this truth.

When I recently contacted with an ex-cadre, he stated series of various issues being faced by the ex-cadres.

He asked me when the solutions to their plight would come after revealing numerous tragedies being faced such as lost everything in the war, lack of employment opportunity, inabilities of the handicapped cadres to work, the state of being sidelined by the society, ex-cadres who have still been languishing in prisons and the troubles being faced by their families and the issues being faced by the ex-female cadres.  

When he told me like this, I asked him why you don’t get all the ex-cadres together to reveal your troubles beyond politics to attract the attention domestically and internationally.  

“Why don’t you form an organization being away from politics as you will be monitored and subjected to ill-treatments of the military intelligence operatives and the Sri Lankan government if you only get involved in politics?”, I asked him.

“Practical issue prevailing here is not known to many. We ex-cadres will be interrogated by the military intelligence operatives the next day if more than two of us get together for a conversation”, he responded to my question.

 “Whatever done by ex-cadres are being monitored with suspicious eyes. As the situation prevails like this, how can we get together as a movement? That is impossible for the time being”, he further added.

While the situation prevails like this, how demanding candidacy for two of their candidates in each district by forming a political party called “Crusaders for democracy” through coordinating ex-cadres, is possible?

If they cannot form a movement kept aloof from politics with the intention of revealing the day to day issues faced by them, then how is it possible to form a political party by coordinating the ex-cadres?

How were the ex-cadres allowed by the Sri Lankan forces and its intelligence operatives to form a political party while the reports of America and India reveal that the LTTE’s international networks are still alive in diaspora and the warnings being alerted by the Sri Lankan government and its armed forces in this regard?

Karuna and Pillaiyan joined in politics…….they joined in ruling party…….they joined in the Sri Lankan government after being separated from the LTTE before the destruction of it. But, those who are engaged in “Crusaders for democracy” had been being the cadres of the LTTE till the end of Mullivaikal final war and they hey have been rehabilitated after being arrested by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Then how were these ex-cadres allowed by the Sri Lankan government and its security forces to reform?

Crusaders for democracy!

The sacrifices of you in the past are highly regarded. There are no dissents on it. Emerging various questions and doubts due to your sudden entry to politics are inevitable…….

 Political circumstance of post-Mullivaikal era has become venomized…….

Questions and doubts are being emerged on every activity inevitably due to the past experiences…….  

This venomized circumstance led everyone to accept many things only after the long observation and careful consideration.

The intention of these questions and doubts is not to injure you. It is the way of clarifying the prevailing circumstance.

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-

07th of July, 2015.



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