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Are we uncontrolled and unorganized? -Nadarajah Kuruparan-


Are we uncontrolled and unorganized?
-Nadarajah Kuruparan-


My anxieties are getting increased day by day. Hope of reducing the anxieties is getting diminished.  Pains due to inertia sometimes create perverse ideas in mind. Thinking of very ordinary life by forgetting the past 32 years of life by throwing out the thinking of community life, Medias and social Medias come across in my mind often.

Just six years passed since Mullivaikal massacre took place. How far have we changed...Do the things happening around us actually happen? Mind traumatized that can’t it be illusory?

One section transcends their manipulations by accusing Sinhala chauvinism, Mahinda and the Military on all injustices, traitorous incidents, briberies, fraudulent activities and maneuvers committed.  

On the other hand, the LTTE, its commanders and leader of it are accused by another section for whatever wrong doings committed around us. According to them, milk and honey would flow as river in north and east if the LTTE had not been.

Apart from them, there is another section that attempts to safeguard its existence by stipulating the people by talking about nationhood, self-determination, autonomy and nation.

But, Mahinda and Prabaharan are no more today…….the LTTE and the bargaining structure for the Tamil people are not here…….Are those so-called legates, who keep on accusing or praising the above mentioned LTTE factor for their existences, at least thinking of doing something to the society belong to them?

How many injustices continue in the north and east? One ethnicity has been losing its all identities and bases needed for its existence in this globe. People are roaming everywhere for the captivating and appropriate leadership for them to be guided.

Who takes the responsibility to answer for the injustices committed in north and east? Many sections reveal reports regardless of who they are. Without taking any sense of responsibility, they publish news, films and videos with the underlining of shocking news, share if you are really a Tamil, don’t watch if you have weak heart, etc.

Reports regarding health sector, medical sector, education, youth affairs, Agriculture, Fisheries, Cooperatives, women, women's affairs and social services in northern and eastern provinces are revealing out without being released by the authorized structures and the experts on these respective fields. Most of the reports revealed by the authorized structures are as building opening ceremonies, ribbon cutting ceremonies and the assistances provided by them.

It was recently revealed as shocking news in Medias that 22 persons including students were taken AIDS decease in Jaffna.

It is not ordinary news. No sources mentioned for this news report in Medias. Many are traumatized by this news whether it is true.

How deadly AIDS is? Won’t the spreading of this thinly destroy the Jaffna? Will a nation be annihilated by the gun shots of the military alone? Why do the authorized people in north keep on continuous silence with regard to this news? Is this true or false? Does anyone comment on the immediate actions to be taken if it is true?

Medias hectically reveal numerous issues on prostitution, narcotic consumption, murders, robberies and sexual violence. Reading this news, our diaspora Tamils are weeping that our culture is being worse deteriorated.

But, authorized structures or the authorized persons keep silence without revealing their responsibility. If that so, is our society uncontrolled and unorganized?     

Social change will be mirage as long as we are dreamt of being liberated if the military is chased out of our homeland or the soul of our ethnicity will be in peace if Mahinda is punished and speaking the Tamil nationalism through those who are in the Tamil cinema that keeps the people in illusory.  

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-



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