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Banusha’s suicide and unleashed nodes -Defendant’s testimony- -Global Tamil News-


Banusha’s suicide and unleashed nodes -Defendant’s testimony- -Global Tamil News-


Banusha Sivapragash, 24-year-old student of Peradeniya University, from Karanthai, Palai had committed suicide on 24th of this month at her home.

According to the accusation made by the relatives of her, Arjunan from Sankathanai, Chavakachcheri was the cause of her suicide. Meanwhile, this particular youth keeps on denying that he was not the cause of the suicide committed by this young girl.

Posting her mobile number and a message that leads to stigmatization on her on facebook were the reasons for the suicide of this young girl, according to those who are close to this young girl.

Meanwhile, there were several accusations made on this particular youth.

This particular youth had been making one sided love on this young girl. But she kept on refusing to accept his love. Subsequently, this particular youth, who went to Peradeniya University where this young girl had been studying, feuded with her.

In addition, he snatched her mobile phone through which he accessed the facebook account of her. By accessing her facebook account, this youth send stigmatized messages about this young girl to her relatives and friends.

That is why this University student had committed suicide.

When the parents of her went to the particular youth’s home and spoke in this regard, her parents were intimidated by the father of this youth, those who are close to this affected student revealed.

All these allegations made on him were totally denied by the accused youth.

Following are the details revealed by this particular youth to the special correspondent of Global Tamil News; (voiceover evidence is with us)

“I had interactions with this girl who had committed suicide even before she was selected to University. I had concern on her as her eye got affected due to the war and she was frustrated since she had been disappointed by the one who fell in love with her. We were being as good friends and with the days our friendship grew as love. I fell in love with her for last four years. I gladly sent her off to University once she was selected to University studies. Minor quarrels caused between us as some kind of changes caused in her mind after she was entered to University. Following to that, she used to contact my family members or directly come to me whenever I stopped speaking to her as the consequences of the quarrels between us. In the meantime, our love affairs have become known to her family.

Consequently, her brother changed her mobile number and sent her off to University. Owing to that, contacts between us have been broken. Her brother started using her old mobile number. Whenever I contacted that mobile number, he received the mobile and intimidated me without revealing anything about her. Therefore, I straight away went to Peradeniya University to meet her and talked to her. While I was talking to her I had quarrel with her as I got outraged. Then, I got her mobile number unlike what was revealed in Medias which reported that I had snatched her mobile phone. However, since I knew the password of her facebook id as it was opened by me, both of us used to operate her facebook and viber accounts. Therefore, I could make her relative known about our love and relationship by sending message through her facebook account. But, they did not reveal the entire conversation in between me and her relative while he was revealing it as screen shot. 

Out of lament, by revealing about our love, I attempted to stop the wedding of her that was to be proposed with a one who is in abroad. But my intention of doing that was not to disrepute her.

Meanwhile, having known about my visit to her University, her brother suspended her from going to University for past three months. She did not attend to University for long time before she had committed suicide.

Having heard about this, I begged her brother several times to allow her to continue her University studies by stating that I would not interfere her life as the studies of a girl would not be disturbed because of me.

For that her brother told me that he knows what to do for her sister and further told me not to talk anything more. I spoke to her another brother who is in exile in this regard. But he also turned deaf years.

She was detained by her brother for past three months without sending her to University and contacting me.

In the meantime, I was informed over the phone from Palai hospital that my loved one had committed suicide on last 24th.

When he was asked that it is accused that you are the reason for the suicide of that girl and also have you been investigated by the police in this regard as her parents made allegations on you, he responded that he is yet to be called by the police for investigation though I am still at home without hiding anywhere.

When he was then asked for the reason of revealing such news in some Medias, he responded to that he had suspicions on a person, who is belonging to an important political party, behind the false reports on this issue.

This particular person showed his anger on the company where I have been working through taking revenge on me just because I am one of the employees of that company. He posted on his facebook that I was the reason for the suicide of Banusha. Some of my friends commented on that post by stating that I had not been the reason for the suicide of her.

Consequently, my friends who commented on that post were intimidated by this particular person by stating that he had spent a lot of money to publish this in websites and he further added that he would show who he is after this election.

Thus, I have doubts on this particular person who is behind the false reports on this issue.

One of the University girls had committed suicide. Many questions rose on us asking why we are keeping mum in this regard while various reports are being revealed in this regard.

However, we attempted to get information in this regard from both sides. The allegations made by the parents of Banusha have already been revealed. Defendant’s testimony made available to us after the several attempts.

In fact, the accusations made on this particular youth can be decided only by the court whether it is true. Arjunan will be investigated if Banusha’s parents made allegations on his at their area Police station. 

In addition, based on the important information posted by Jesudas Chandrasegarar on his facebook, legal actions can be taken easily on the suspect who is alleged to be the reason for the suicide of Banusha after being mentally tortured.  It has become known that Banusha’s facebook account was deactivated by the suspect. Her facebook account can again be activated for the legal requirement. All the details of activities done by the suspect on the Banusha’s facebook account can be collected using software named Facebook Forensic Toolkit (FFT). Facebook Forensic Toolkit (FFT) ( ) is a software which is utilized to legally find the misconducts on facebook. He further asked to contact him in case assistance in this regard to take legal action is needed. 

While the suspect stating that he is still at home without hiding, the parents of Banusha should go for legal approaches to obtain justice.

The truth behind what is being said by both parties would remain unknown as long as it is thought that seeking justice would disrepute a girl’s demise or their daughter’s demise.

However, the message told by the demise of Banusha should make aware of other Banushas. It should make many Arjuanans to think of that. Utilization of social websites as the uncontrolled one like wild fire and the addiction with it make many addicted on this. It is much necessary that everyone who utilizes social websites without any self-control should reassess the way they use it.

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