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“Betrayal has not emerged just recently. It was born with freedom struggle”


Vakisda’s retirement and reminisces of mine regarding him. -Nadarajah Kuruparan-

“Betrayal has not emerged just recently. It was born with freedom struggle”

On honor of the retirement of C.N. Vakisda who served as the DIG of police in Batticaloa and Ampara districts, farewell ceremony with police parade was taken place last Saturday (13). 


C.N. Vakisda honored by this farewell ceremony stir up my old memories. Can the tragedy stained old memories of people like me, who was born as Tamil in Sri Lanka and still remained alive, be avoided from coming across in mind?

Did we think that a time would come in which we being in exile would write recalling history? No. we did not think like that. Therefore, we did not have the habit of taking note of exact years and dates. How hardest in recalling it? Apart from googling it and finding out the persons in connection with the particular incidents, it could not be able to give the exact dates and years of an incident.

I was the period of 1996-1997. That was the period of my Colombo life. One of my close relative brothers was arrested by the Military while he was passing Thandikulam, Vavuniya on his way to Peradeniya to continue his studies after being selected to Peradeniya Engineering Faculty.

The reason for his arrest was he had undergone to LTTE training for a shorter period of time and left it from that movement before he selected to university. But one who had undergone this training with him betrayed him to Military at Thandikulam.

“Betrayal has not emerged just recently. It was born with freedom struggle”

Consequently, military personnel arrested him and handed over to Terrorism Investigation Division (TID). My brother revealed all truths while he was being interrogated. 

When I was attempting to release him, I met with C.N.Vakisda who was operating as a prime investigator of TID.

With regard to my brother’s release, I met with him two times at Vavuniya. He who was proficient in English and Sinhala languages could also somewhat understand Tamil language at that time. I think that he could speak Tamil later on.

As my relation had given confession, he could do nothing in releasing my relation, according to C.N.Vakisda. Court will only decide regarding the release of my relation as he had given confession, C.N.Vakisda further added.

C.N.Vakisda who gained expertise on prevention of terrorism is generally appointed in the areas where Tamils living in many numbers.

I saw him at Wellawatte police station also in 2000’s. he played a key role in interrogating Tamil youths caught in many numbers during the roundups in Colombo.

After Mahinda came to power in 2005, C.N.Vakisda received several promotions and then he served as the DIG of police while being a trustworthy person to Mahinda. his proficiency on intelligence activities can be understood by considering his services in Tamil areas and his post of DIG of police at Batticaloa and Ampara areas even at the time retirement.



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