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Controversies regarding the surrender of the LTTE and what I know in this regard.


Silence Breaks……. -Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Controversies regarding the surrender of the LTTE and what I know in this regard.

Various deliberations continue with regard to the surrender of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Wife of Elizhan, political leader of Trincomalee and member of Northern Provincial Council Ananthi stated that her husband Elizhan had surrendered to the Sri Lankan military after talking to DMK parliamentarian Kanimozhi over the satellite phone.

Kanimozhi completely opposed this. Deliberations continue in social websites like many supportive and opposite comments made by many to Kanimozhi’s statement, supportive and opposite comments made by many to Ananthi’s statement also.

I am here thinking of breaking my silence in what I got to know and what was known to me in this regard. Prominent tigers or those who closely associated with them may reveal what they know in this regard.

From the beginning of peace talks between the government and the LTTE started in 2002 to the last phase of peace talks broken down at Geneva and to Donors meeting at Japan Kokne, I went there.

That is why, even after 19th of May, some diplomats of Co-Chair countries were in relationship with me.

They talked to me as a journalist regarding the war and devastations caused by it. While one of them was talking to me, he told me that Co-Chair countries took a very important step after Killinochchi was captured from the LTTE.

The reason for that was, according to their calculation, LTTE cannot survive after the fall of Killinochchi. Consequently, Co-Chair countries attempted for make the tigers surrendered by handing over the weapons.

Protecting the LTTE cadres by establishing a security zone in a declared place under the supervision of the UN in collaboration with the Co-Chair countries…….

Allowing the civilians in the LTTE-controlled area to move to the government controlled area…….

Taking the next step as the continuation of this…….

This was communicated to the LTTE and the plan was presented to them by one of the Co-Chair countries which kept contacts with the LTTE at that time.

This plan was abandoned as the LTTE took a firm stance to fight till the end while stating that handing over the arms and surrendering would never possible, that diplomat told me sadly.

Meanwhile, the reasons for rejecting the request of the Co-Chair countries were the hope given by the Tamil Nadu leaders and the hope given by the LTTE figures in exile, the one who closely associated with the LTTE stated later on.

But, I could not get any information from the LTTE side in this regard. Those who know in this regard may reveal in this regard.   

If it is in fact true, then is the decision of the LTTE to reject the request of the Co-Chair countries correct?

If the tigers thought of recovering even after the fall of Killinochchi, then did the tigers have the correct calculation of their strength?

In 2007, one of the diplomats asked me about the strength of the LTTE at that time. “They are very strong. They will fight against the advancing soldiers as they did in previous battles”, I replied him. But he laughed at my reply.

“Many Long-range reconnaissance patrol (LRRP) teams are positioned even at Mullaitivu which is considered as the heart of the LTTE. LTTE carries their move without identifying the LRRP soldiers who are in LTTE clothes”, he told me.

I guess in 2008, when the LTTE prominent to whom I met with when peace talks period contacted me over the phone to ask me about the international environment, I told him about what the diplomat told me. “We are very strong. These idiots would say like this”, he responded to that.  

These will continue as stories till those who are actually engaged in this break their silence.



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