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Assassinations of parliamentarians including Raviraj are one of the war strategies against the LTTE.


Silence Breaks……. –Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Assassinations of parliamentarians including Raviraj are one of the war strategies against the LTTE.


Arrest of the suspects of the assassination of Raviraj and the seizure of three-wheeler which was used for the assassination of him were the tabloid news of the last several weeks.

In fact, the assassinations of Batticaloa parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham, Jaffna MP Raviraj and parliamentarian Sivanesan were not suddenly or accidentally taken place. Also, these assassinations were not just because of individual conflicts.



According to me, these assassinations are one of the war strategies formulated at the beginning of war against the LTTE.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was mentioned by the LTTE as a pragmatist, started armed conflict at the fracture of peace war commenced in 2002 and ceased at the end of year 2005.

The armed conflict against the LTTE was unprecedentedly well-planned by the alliance of Rajapaksa brothers and Sarath Fonseka.

Predecessors of the Rajapaksa regime gave priority to the armed conflict alone against the LTTE. But, Rajapaksa brothers realized that armed conflict alone cannot suppress the LTTE.

Therefore, first of all, they molded a very strong intelligence structure headed by Kapila Hendawitharana through filling the cavities of their intelligence structure.

Besides, they received consultancies and suggestions of the experts on war and tactical strategy. The expertise was received from international countries also.

Based on that, strategic plans formulated by the trio alliance of Mahinda-Gota-Fonseka were many. Among it, what is known to me or what I got to know are a part of it.

In the first, control if not varnish the politicians who justify the LTTE and their freedom struggle in the South and internationally.  

Second, suppress the Medias that made the government in difficulties by immediately revealing about the LTTE's struggle, attacks, the sufferings of the people, encroachment of military soldiers, human rights violations, etc to the International Community and inside the country.

Third, paralyze the supply routes of the LTTE. The most important in which is to abolish the routes of sending money from foreign countries to north and east through Colombo.

Fourth, abolish the LTTE’s agents who operate the transports and investments of the LTTE and abolish those who engaged in spying activities of the LTTE in South, those who gather information and those who transfer money to those who assist the attacks of the LTTE.

Fifth, kill those who operate for the LTTE for money through being an official of police and tri-forces.

Sixth, eradicate the underworld thugs who kept contacts with the LTTE.

Seventh, annihilate the LTTE’s strong network functioning outside the north and east through these activities.

On the basis of above mentioned strategies,  former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, former intelligence chief Kapila Hendawitharana and Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka beagn the war against the LTTE.




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