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Politics of funeral– Nadarajah Kuruparan-


Politics of funeral– Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Death of Vithiya, student of Punguditivu Mahavidyalayam has traumatized everybody. Shocks still continue. Parents and relatives are traumatized due to the pain caused by her demise. Once again a dead pain engrossed the Tamil people in the month when commemoration of Mullivaikal takes place.


Vithiya who went to school has been found dead in a dilapidated house on the following day. The reasons for the murder of Vithiya are revealing now. Those three who are suspect of being responsible for the murder of Vithiya have been arrested, according to the Sri Lankan police. Hospital's postmortem report makes clear about the hellish sufferings and atrocities faced by Vithiya in the final moments of her life.

It is fear that those people who protect our islets surrounded by sea all four sides and the existence of it are subjected by those who in their same community to massacres and barbarisms. These brutal incidents raised fears over the safe existence of girl children.

During the election times only, with great fanfare, the politicians who travelled to islets in the boats and returned to Jaffna in the evenings rush to the funeral for doing their politics of funeral when anyone of those people are brutally demised.

In addition, heroic verses shouted by the then leaders during the time of “Vaddukoddai resolution” are written and given by these politicians to students in Killinochchi while they staged protest condemning such brutal incidents for shouting and published photos while the students shouting what they written to the students for their political survival.

Well dedicated, responsible and far-sighted political leadership is not in us. Being close to the government through the back door while enjoying all the parliamentary offerings, these politicians made the students who are sensible and enthusiastic to the street. Those students roared the verses written by the politicians such as “students protest will blast”, “protests will blast”

Our politicians did not fail to do their politics of funeral even in the incidents such as the murder of Saranya, school girl belonging to Kanakarajan kulam after being gang raped last February and sword attack on the students of University of Jaffna occurred last April.

Rhetoric roars of the politicians fill the Medias in each time when such brutal incidents take place. Rhetoric roars are published in Tamil language alone. These are not published in either English or Sinhala languages. Because, their survival will be damaged in case their blood boiling roars are known to the government or to the International Community.

Those Tamil politicians who were in the ruling party before also do the reporting war on such incidents after they come to the opposition party.

Did the just solutions to the massacres and sexual violence committed during the times when they were cabinet ministers and ruling party parliamentarians, come so far? They kept mum at those times. But, now they are thinking of revealing their Tamil patriotism by writing letters to the government and to the Inspector General of Police.

Many among those who are arrested in Jaffna in connection with various criminal activities, are arrested in connection with fights come out of the conflicts and gang fights, according to the police.

Hundreds of unlawfully crimes occurred during the time between 2015 February and March alone in Jaffna.

Including the murder of Vithiya, sexual violence, sword cuts and social violence took place in north so far.  

These are social issues. The responsibility for such issues is largely with us.

Vithiya! Like how our concern on your demise should be the last is primarily important, our focus on the student community to avoid being annihilated after being struck to the politically survival politicians is also primarily important.  

Blaming the Sri Lankan military and chauvinist government for all the mistakes is today’s general practice. Tamil politics have become as the “politics of funeral”. Above all, our people should free from the politicians who politicized deaths, demises, scars and tragedies for their own betterment.

Violent culture of the past and the changes in the youths due to the sudden connection to the external world may be the reasons to such issues.

Instead of taking the responsibility of seeking the remedy to the shortcomings of our society, taking the students to the street by politicizing such incidents is indeed the worst politics of funeral.



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