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Is releasing alone the eastern road of the Kanakambigai temple, surrounded by the military, enough?


-Anpazhakan for Global Tamil news-

Is releasing alone the eastern road of the Kanakambigai temple, surrounded by the military, enough?

In north, military soldiers garrisoned in the residential areas and many public places. Military dominance is yet to be loosen while huge impediments prevailing in the functions of public life.

Military settled around the Kanagambigai Amman temple by constructing huge military bases. On the backside and right hand side of the temple, huge area is occupied by the Sri Lankan military.

These areas are necessary for the operations of the temple. Monasteries, event grounds and the residential places located backside of the temple are still being occupied by the Sri Lankan military.  The people belonging to this particular area temporarily settled at the vicinity of these particular places.



Iranamadu reservoir is the livelihood center in the lives of Killinochchi people. Kanagambigai Amman temple is a worship place that enables hope in the lives of the people from Vanni. Why does the Sri Lankan military occupy both of these places?

Fishing families who engaged in fishing in the Iranamadu waters for their livelihood and the farmers who subsist on the Iranamadu water for their livelihood were worse affected by the Military occupation of the Iranamadu area in the past years.

Fishermen are not permitted by the Sri Lankan military to engage in fishing. In addition they do not allow saving water at the required level in the Iranamadu reservoir. These are due to the military occupation of these areas. Even the temple lands are not in the control of the temple administration. Also, the fishing association has no control over the iranamadu water.  


Many stories that we knew in the past regarding the damaging of fishing boats and nets by the Sri Lankan military. As the situation prevails like this, Resettlement minister has visited to this particular temple yesterday.

Minister ascertained that he would restore the eastern road to the temple which is completely surrounded by the Sri Lankan military. Minister’s effort is as giving frying corn to the elephant’s hungry. What the temple administration thinks is at least the opening of the eastern road for this time being.  

A question rose whether the influence of military determines the decision in the matter of releasing the civilian areas that are still being occupied by the Sri Lankan military in north, rather than the decision taken by the ruling government in this regard?

Speaking at a recent event, the President said the soldiers gave him permission to hand over unwanted lands to them. Is the country’s president function on the basis of the approval of the military?

The term “unwanted lands to the military” is taken into account here also rather than considering the term “lands needed to the people” Are the  lands released in the Valikamam north area as just those lands are unwanted to the military?

The people of the area stated like that. The lands that are not preferred and appropriate to the lives of the people have been released while taking over the area where their residential places were, according to the people of this area. Is releasing the occupied lands a drama?

Indeed, these activities clearly indicate that this new government does not wholeheartedly approach the rehabilitation of the affected people. In order to protect them from the international pressure exerted on the government, it creates a semblance of releasing the occupied lands. The lands seized from the people should be given back to them.