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Your Excellencies, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister!


Ask from Anura Kumara about the sobbing of a mother who was wandering in search of her disappeared son. -Nadarajah Kuruparan- 6th of May, 2015

Your Excellencies, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister!

Your Excellencies, Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister and the government of good governance!


It is much needed to write such a letter to you after the 100 days from the regime change.

I do not know certainly whether either you or your assistances read the letters written to you in English and Sinhala from the people or not.

It is not known whether anybody writes to you in Tamil. There is no hope of such letters being read by you in case it is written in Tamil. Therefore, I am publishing this letter by translating into English and Sinhala.

Many for many reasons wanted the abolition of the ruling of Mahinda’s dynasty. I am also a one among them. I wanted the Tamils to come out of the oil boiling pan. During the election period, my media worked on the basis of my decision taken with the intention of making a change that enriches the well-being of Tamils.

Among the thousands of acres of lands that were seized by the Sri Lankan military, at least 1000 acres of land have returned to the people. Despite indirect surveillance prevails, the people are daring to come to the streets to fight for their demands. State Medias also release news items with the heading of “Sivaram Commemoration”. South based Medias also use the terms such as “genocide” and “Eelam struggle”.  

Unlike the Mahinda’s government, that handles the Northern Provincial Council by considering it as a terrorist organization, there is harmony exists in between this new government and the NPC. Attacks on the religious minorities have been stopped. Severe actions are being taken against those who attempt to attack on religious minorities. Bans on the Medias have been completely eliminated. Bans on the NGOs have also been relaxed.

Above all, this new government brought a political space in which people can breathe freely from the iron fist of the deadly regime of Rajapaksas. But, did the Tamils cast their votes for regime change by expecting this alone?

No. Tamils want a political and socio-economic life that can be attained by a legitimate and fair solution at their homeland.

What was made available to the Tamils by bringing the 19th or 20th amendment to the constitution or throwing the 18th amendment away? Think that what did the Tamils, who fought for 30 years for their liberation, gain from you by casting their votes for a regime change even after they lost their loved ones and belongings (total value of their lives)?

The relatives of the disappeared are still wandering for their children, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Anura Kumara Disanayake, who is in your National Executive Council, knows the tragedy of those who wait with a continual dying for the return of their disappeared relatives.  Ask from him about the sobbing of his mother who was wandering her son who had gone missing in the JVP insurgency.

Many thousands of acres of land belonging to lakhs of people, which were seized with the guise of High Security Zones (HSZ), are yet to be released. Uprooted Sampoor people have still been struggling for their lands. Even, those who had committed minor political offenses are still being detained without trials. While those who had committed minor political offenses such as gave tea to tigers, gave foods to tigers and took photo with tigers are languishing in prisons, the commanders of them are enjoying their happy lives even in your regime.  

Your Excellency Mr. President!

488 prisoners who had committed minor offenses have been released around the country in accordance with your presidential pardon on the honor of Vesak Day. Among the prisoners who had failed to pay fine charges, 8 prisoners from Jaffna prison and 14 from Batticaloa prison have been released.  You could have released at least few of the political prisoners in addition to those who have been released. Don’t you know regarding the political prisoners who are languishing in the prisons for more than 10 years without trials and prosecutions?

Also to us, Diwali comes, Thaipongal comes, and New Year comes. Our children who are languishing in the prisons are not released though there are many such good days come to us.

Minister John Amaratunga, who is in your regime, stated that the issue of the disappeared persons is a humanitarian issue. He also added that the continual dying of the relatives of the disappeared with the longings of their return is tragic. That is happy. He further stated that the people would be allowed to search their disappeared relatives in Booza and Velikade. During the past three decades, as a very first time, a ruling government that represents the ethnic majority said at least vocally that the relatives of the disappeared could search their relatives in the prisons.   That is happy too.

But, no announcements have released about those who are being detained at the secret naval and military camps about which almost all the Medias had already revealed.  

Many portion of the ruling of the new regime for change was spent for upraising the bunds against the defeated Rajapaksas’s efforts to recapture the regime. But, the expectations and the sobbing of Tamils, who took chisel to smash the Chinese Great Wall, are still continuing.

Chinese Great Wall that could not be shuffled by Modi, Obama, Bankimoon and western countries, was smashed by the Tamils by their voting strength. Tamils’ votes brought you, who were being troubled, away from the iron fist of Rajapaksas.

As the situation prevails like this, what is the legitimacy behind the Tamil journalists and Tamil activists being followed by the intelligence operatives even in your regime? Why are arrests and intimidations still continuing? The journalists in exile are still afraid of returning to the country. Rajapaksas are not in the regime. But, the intelligence structures, military structures and the hoodlums are still doing their same job. What is meant by the change? Is the change meant by bringing Maithri and Ranil to the office in places of Mahinda and Jeyaratne respectively?

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-

6th of May, 2015



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