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Will the bloods of the Tamil leadership be boiled if the teasing is done by the chauvinism?


Will the bloods of the Tamil leadership be boiled if the teasing is done by the chauvinism and the uniform clothed persons? -Nadarajah Kuruparan-

Will the bloods of the Tamil leadership be boiled if the teasing is done by the chauvinism?

Violence cultures like sword attacks have been continuously increasing in Jaffna. Unruly bulls wielding knifes started roaming in the nights. According to the people belonging to these areas, these unruly bulls attack whoever touches their eyesight while they roam in the nights. Nine Jaffna university second year students studying at Faculty of Arts were severely assaulted by some thugs wielding swords, rods and bottles at Suthumalai junction. Hand of a student was cut into two pieces and laid on the road. The severely injured students and the hand that was cut into pieces were rushed to Manipai hospital and then taken to Jaffna teaching hospital. The student whose hand was cut has been taken to Colombo National Hospital for further treatment. According to the doctors, after 72 hours only, it can certainly be said whether his hand will be fixed or not.


Meanwhile, one of the two students admitted at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, who has cuts all over the body is receiving treatment being yet to be recuperated. Another student is facing breathing difficulties. Among the severely affected, two students come from Vavuniya and another student is from Mullaitivu.

Two days passed since this huge incident took place. As those affected are university students, they are protesting against this.

Following are stated by the All Student Union President S.Jesinthan at the end of this protest;

“In this post war era, various anti-social gangs are involved in the acts of sabotage with the feedbacks of some politicians. Those who have connections with this sword attack on the university students should be arrested and be given the heightened punishment. Many including general public and the university students are being subjected to the dangers caused by various acts of sabotages committed by the anti-social gangs. Our cultures and norms are being annihilated by such anti-social elements. The University administration should ensure the security of the University students. Police should act to stop the functions of such anti-social elements in the upcoming days

Social websites and media reports keep on revealing their concerns and denounces with regard to this brutal incident. But, a question emerges whether the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, who has stood to protect the Tamils, Provincial Ministers, Provincial members and other Tamil National Parties are still sleeping?

Does the judiciary of Jaffna turn its blind eye on this issue? Does it keep mum with no concern and pretermit? Concerns are penetrating my mind.

I could remember that the Colombo Fort Magistrate came forward voluntarily to order the police to file the case against Gnanasara Thero for insulting Quran.  Does Jaffna do not have the self-courageous judiciary system? How does the politicians, who provide pen and exercise book for their self-marketing, cut ribbon in the opening ceremonies and deliver the inspirational speeches, are unaware of this incident? It should be recalled that even during the Mahinda’s ruling in which severe security threats prevailed, Illanchelian who was serving as the judge in Vavuniya Court self-courageously kept on ordering the police to take actions against the anti-social acts.

An attack incident occurred last week at a food restaurant in Chavakacheri. A family man from Alvai North was killed in a sword-cutting incident occurred last Friday. Besides, gang rowdies’ attacks widely take place all over the Jaffna. The time when the people were afraid of the nasty attacks of Sri Lankan military has passed but the villages come to silence with the sun set due to the fear over the rowdies, according to the people from villages. Parents are afraid of sending their daughters alone. Why are the Tamil National Alliance that has the provincial power and Tamil National Peoples’ Front that has the great wonder of forming an alternative leadership against TNA are unaware of such brutal anti-social incidents? Do they think that political advantage cannot be gained by keeping the eye on such incidents as the Tamil Nationalism, Sinhala chauvinism and the uniform clothed persons are not involved in such incidents?

If the uniform clothed persons had teased the university students or assaulted on the civilians, All the Tamil nationalist leaders in north and east would have conducted communique war, The Tamil leaders who have participated in the debate on 19th amendment in the parliament may have delivered emotional verses, Parliament may have convulsed following to that, Press conferences may have widely conducted, Diaspora Tamils would be more active on that issue and Print and electronic Medias would give immense priority to such incidents.

I am not asking you to not to reveal the above mentioned subjugations and oppressions. but it couldn’t be accepted that considering these anti-social acts as just a gang fight and what has happened was just few students were injured and just a student whose hand was cut. Considering this incident as an unimportant incident by thinking that there is no politics behind this is really unacceptable.  

Increasing violence are the day to day incidents in the Jaffna peninsula. The police should watchfully act against these incidents and arrest the culprits for the legal action. Meanwhile, according to a Media report, Minister Douglas Devananda asked the IGP to take precautions to such anti-social acts. Just because this news got published, if someone misbelieves that Douglas protects law when he is as a Minister, then I am not responsible for that.  

The ethnic identities of the Tamil community will be annihilated by itself within 5-10 more years if the Tamil Nationalist Parties that claims themselves as the defenders of the Tamil nationalism raise voice and oppose against only the chauvinist governments’ denial of Tamil’s rights, state-sponsored land grabbing of the Sri Lankan military and the killings of Sri Lankan military alone by thinking these incidents alone as their political gaining opportunity. Then, nothing will remain for us except the tragedies.

I could remember one incident.

When the militant struggle began at the 1980’s, I asked my elder sister why you were studying hard by saying that Tamil Eelam would emerge before the next “Thaipongal”. I further told her while she was preparing for her university entrance exam; if Tamil Eelam emerges then new education system would be introduced instead of the Sri Lankan education system. Listening our conversation, my father told me to fight for Tamil Eelam and bring it till that she would continue her studies as it was.

Like that, there is no doubt that the existence of Tamil community will be questioned by the Tamil leadership itself if it has the intention of concerning the social issues just after restoring the power by fighting against the chauvinism.  



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