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Wipe out the tears of the mothers


A mother who has the evidence of her son being alive is struggling for her son’s return. -Anpzhakan for Global Tamil News-

Wipe out the tears of the mothers

100 days have been passed since the Sri Lanka's new government took office. As what the successive governments did so far, this new government also did not provide any kind of answer for the issue of missing persons, which is one of the burning issues of the Eelam Tamils. 


Jeyakala has been living at Kalviyankadu. Jeyakala is one of the thousands of mothers who have been searching for their disappeared children. This mother, holding the evidence of her son being alive, is struggling for her son’s return.



When Jeyakala’s son (Suthan) went to a shop, he was blocked for questioning and then taken to somewhere after being arrested by the Sri Lankan military. The incident took place in 2006. Arunakirinathan, father of Suthan stated that he had seen his son brought by the Sri Lankan military several times to their area taken in the midst of the soldiers.



Sri Lankan government had enlisted those who surrendered in the war in the list of disappeared persons. By disguising that they had surrendered, the successive Sri Lankan governments kept on saying that they had gone missing. Most of these surrendered persons were ruthlessly disappeared by the Sri Lankan government.

Sri Lankan government stated that the surrendered had gone missing, arrested persons had gone missing and those who were questioning after being detained had gone missing. How those who surrendered and had arrested had went missing?



If the government of a country says that the citizens, who had surrendered and had been arrested, went missing then on the one hand, it is clearly brought to bright light that this government had committed massive human rights violations and on the other hand, the question emerges whether these persons who were disappeared are really treated as the citizens of this country.

My son was arrested. Then how had he gone missing. I have the evidence of my son being alive, Jeyakala, mother of Suthan stated.

The fact-finding presidential commission on missing persons went to Booza detention center in 2007. Only ministers and parliamentarians were included in that commission.

The news, regarding this and the photos of the commission while it discussing with the detainees, were released in the newspapers on the following day. One of the photos among them was the photo of Suthan taken while peeping out of the prison bars.

His face tells many stories. He who had not committed any mistakes peeped out with the dream of his release. There is no any single doubt that the one who is in the photo is certainly the son of Jeyakala.

“Where is my son who was at the Booza when the presidential commission went there?” Jeyakala raised question with tears. Who will answer the tears of Jeyakala who is crying for her son’s return? The new government should wipe out the tears of the mothers like her, Jeyakala expressed.