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Will the politics of Tamils carry on the protests by putting forward the democratic demands clearly?


Nadarajah Kuruparan:-

Will the politics of Tamils carry on the protests by putting forward the democratic demands clearly?

07th of March, 2015

A press report with the titleTamils and the emotional politics” was recently released by the Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Union. That report is an utmost important among the reports released recently.

I view this report as a report that came out with the consideration of prevailing internal situation of Sri Lanka. I got upset as I beheld on the social websites that those who supported the Jaffna University Science Teachers’ Union when it was raising its voice against the denials of democracy committed in Sri Lanka and the repressions against Tamil people particularly the troubles faced by the campus society, are now attempting to mark it on the side of infidelity with this report.

Frustration appeared among many as they concerned whether the politics of Tamils are on its way without taking note of the ground realities of domestic, regional and international politics, political maturity, political clarity, farsighted approach and political masterminds.   

But most of them keep silence with the fear of being awarded the “traitor award” by those who take up the Tamil nationalism for their own survival, in case they reveal their opinions.

Regime has changed in Sri Lanka. Maithri is the president while Ranil is the Prime Minister and Mahinda favored Sri Lanka Freedom Party became as the opposition party.   

Mahinda Rajapaksa told the Medias that the true Sri Lanka Freedom Party is with him.

Nimal Sripala De Silva stated that Ranil who has only 49 parliamentarians is being as the Prime Minister. He further stressed that his party would become the ruling party after the upcoming general election.  

Mahinda told the Pakistani Media that the maneuver that took place in the last election would be brought to an end. On the other side, China that, do not like the Indian and western influence in Sri Lanka, moves its regional politics as in a manner to oppose them.

On the other hand, the West is encouraging the Sri Lankan government while controlling the activities of LTTE. One of the spokespersons of the British High Commission stated that supporting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is a criminal offence in the UK as it is a proscribed organization there. Showing support for the LTTE by fundraising, waving flags and other means is a criminal offence. In instances where this has occurred, the matter is referred to the legal action.

It should be thought that what is the intention of the Britain, that condones the protests staged by the diaspora without taking any action in the past particularly when the protests against Mahinda, to hastily release such a report at this time.

When the world leaders who visited Sri Lanka disdain the North and East, David Cameron had turned the vision of the world by his visit to Jaffna. The importance given by the international Medias had led to many controversies. Why did the diaspora organizations, that praised the British Prime Minister and British rulers during that time, now take the decision to oppose the Maithri’s visit to Britain on the invitation of Cameron? Is the decision taken by diaspora organizations healthier?

While 50 days past from the new government took office, some advancements have been done. These progressions occurred beyond the harsh criticism of the racist Medias run by Mahinda’s supporters.

Apart from that, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera accused that the intelligence operatives of Gotabaya Rajapaksa are continuously functioning as in a manner to discomfort the new government.

The current government replaced both belonging to Military and caused major interference in the civil administration in North and East, the governor of Northern Provincial Council and the Government Agent of Trincomalee with civil officers. Also, the new government agreed to the immediate release of 1000 acres lands in Valikamam and assured the resettlement speedily.  

Executive Council has passed a resolution urging the resettlement of Sampoor people in their own lands. Rajitha Senaratne stated that the lands other than the naval use would be given back to the owners.

Such activities are enough for this new government to show the west that it moves towards the democracy.
Meanwhile, the impediments that are being attempted to be given to the activities of the new government by the emotional slogans will be viewed by the world as the undemocratic actions. Alienating with the
international politics, towards which the politics of Tamils travel?

I am here sorting the important critiques put forth by those who not only oppose the Mahinda but also the new government.

At the moment, I would like to emphasize that these are being continuously considered with high concern in our Global Tamil News on the principals of the interests of minority ethnicities.

•    Jeyakumari continues to be held in detention.

•    Vibhushika is being separated from her mother and she is living a tearful life.

•    Pahirathy and her daughter continue to be held in 90 days detention.

•    Almost 10 persons who went to Sri Lanka from abroad have been arrested and subjected to investigation
•    Political prisoners are still languishing in prisons without being released.

•    Government takes the old stance with regard to the disappeared persons.

•    The new government also rejects the international investigation and emphasizes the domestic probe.

•    Impediments caused by the intelligence operatives still continue.

•    There are no immediate actions with regard to the resettlement.

•    Ban on diaspora organizations are still continues.

•    Healthier steps to solve the ethnic problem are yet to be taken.

Therefore, carry on the protests by putting forward the democratic demands with political clarity would be the political brilliance to Tamils.

My dear younger generation!

Will you think of this?  

Nadarajah Kuruparan:-

07th of March, 2015


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