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Thinking of the disintegration of lives of you and many children like you....


due to the politics and war, my mind is relapsed - Nadarajah Kuruparan..

Thinking of the disintegration of lives of you and many children like you....


Dear Vibhusika!

I do not know whether you have read the letter which I wrote to you in the midst of the distress caused by the injustice committed to you.

Loving Daughter! I know that the state of world you are in is not given the time for such letters. The tears, which you shed in search of your elder brother, mother and your destitute life, made you imprisoned. It is said that the children should be allowed to enjoy their lives as children.

But, thinking of the disintegration of lives of you and many children like you due to the politics and war, my mind is relapsed.

You have gone to meet your mother on last Monday after the 11 months. You were allowed by the prison authorities to meet your mother around 4 PM after being waited for a long time.

My dear daughter!

You are not enjoyed such a life as the child who comes to home after the school will run towards his/ her mother once mother is seen at the door.  Sri Lankan government made a child to wait at the door of the prison to meet her mother.

Those who had seen all the substances of Magazine prison shedding tears, when you and your mother poured out your emotions that kept inside for 11 months, expressed this with tears.

Your mother Jeyakumari, who was swindled and thrown into the Boosa by the Rajapaksa’s government, had been even subjected to mouse bites. How can the tragedies of your mother, who hugged you with the wounds of mouse bites, be engraved in letters?

Just because your mother was searching for her son, she had been thrown into the prison and thus she lost you too. What is the crime that you had committed to lose both your elder brother and mother?

Here many more things are being staged with the name of “Tamil nationalism”.

They do businesses in shop by shop. Cinema actresses come here. Gopinath comes here. The debate presenters come here to rejoice. Even the political party is begun.

Instead of remembering the “Great Heroes Day” from the inner hearts with a flower, a traditional lantern and thousands of crores of tear drops, “Great Heroes Day” is celebrated in the luxurious halls at the cost of many lakhs.

Many among us are not gratified unless they frequently refer themselves as the ones who are travelling along the lines of “Tamil nationalism”. In fact, you, who really travelled along the lines of “Tamil nationalism”, had been incarcerated.

Dear daughter!

For the past several months we have been immersed in Super Singer TV program. That is also will have been come to an end today. Becoming as beauty queens in the beauty contests and becoming as singers in the singing competition are their rights, wishes and efforts. Intervene in these are not democratic conduct.  But when many stood up with the Tamil nationalist sentiment in these contests to send sms as the bullet shot in the battle field, Vibhusika you come into my memories.

Your prettiness and your creative ability are incarcerated within the prison of tragedies.  But, in this same world, other children are singing and dancing? Why this partiality does prevail?



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