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Pocket money politics and the plight of Eelam Tamils - -ThevaAbira for Global Tamil News-


Pocket money politics and the plight of Eelam Tamils - -ThevaAbira for Global Tamil News-

Recently, when Mr. MavaiSenathiraja was addressing in an opening ceremony of 03-storey building belonging to NallurDivisional Secretariat that was constructed at Thirunelveliunder the “Puraneguma” Scheme at the cost of 52 million rupees, he had revealed his fretfulness by saying that if Mahinda had been sworn in as president he would have annihilated the nationalpeculiarities of the Tamil people by ruling this country for eight more years.  

As everybody knows, not only Mahinda but also all the successive chauvinistSri Lankangovernments which came to power after the so called independence were enthusiastically engaged in activities that either subjugated the identities of not merely Tamils but also all the minorities or obstructed the growth of all minorities.

Here, we have to take not of another matter also. National peculiarities of Tamils such as caste, regionalism, women slavery, civic-mindedness, enslaved-mindedness, power oriented greediness and corruption are yet to be neither suppressed nor eradicated. We do not know whether Mavai got afraid in this regard.

Will the politicians, who gained victory in this election, accept the uniqueness of all ethnicities including the Tamils? Will the new government create a circumstance in which all minority communities can grow up with their identities without subjugating the minorities? This isthe questionin everyone's minds.

As what was mentioned by Mavai in his address, Mahinda’s government might have been thrown it away.Changes of the Sinhalesegovernments and its leaders throughout the Sri Lankan history have never uplifted the political status of the minorities. But every citizen regardless oflanguage, race and religion had to pay the price in lieu of the evil effects caused by the successive governments and its leaders.   Thus, Mahinda’s government has run the semi- brutal Military regime that had the intention of plundering the overall resources of Sri Lanka, without the farsighted approach on the ground of politics and socio economics.

Considerable Sinhala people have turned against the Mahinda’s regime because of two reasons.

(Saying the Mahinda’s government is corrupt is just an overview. There will be corruptions in the upcoming government also)

•    First, Mahinda has begun to exploit at the foundation of the economic structure that is base for the interests of the Sinhalese aristocratic and capitalists.

•    Second, Sinhala chauvinism since the independence had been appropriately tackling all the political powers in the region and in the entire world as well without compromising its sovereignty. In this matter, Mahinda’s government has begun to tilt towards China more than necessary. Moreover, if Mahinda’s regime exists, it would tend to compromise its sovereignty by tilting more towards China because of the pressure exerted by the western powers on the Sri Lankan government. 

These are the two factors which made the farsighted Sinhala chauvinist ideologuesfretful. That is why, Sinhala chauvinist ideologues were badly in need of removing Mahinda from the regime with the blessings of western powers and India and the support of whom are being oppressed by them.

Telegraph recently reported that the controversial signals emitted from the new government of Sri Lanka had made the Indian government worried. Truly, Sri Lanka did not take any controversial stance. By making the decisions so as to keep its sovereignty, it expressed very clear message to the powers around it that the message to China is its intention is not completely tilting towards India and the western powers; while the message to western powers and India is it is not ready to lose its bargaining power by totally relying on western powers and India. Sri Lankawantsto keep China as its ally. But it really wants to ensure that no powers that clutter the political pond could intervene in Sri Lanka.

This iswhat the root ofSinhalaBuddhistsupremacy.

As a move to get the advantage over the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, Indra Gandhi helped to form the Tamil militant groups with the intention of weakening the Sri Lanka so as to make it tilting towards India. But later on it came out of the clutches of India.

As the money transfers and the arms supply network of the LTTE had been paralyzed by the Ranil’s government by making the best use of the international diplomatic network, Mahinda who came to the regime after Ranil militarily defeated the LTTE through a brutal war and he understood and utilized the military victory as the one which assistshim to retain in power. 

Mahinda had three alternative options at that time.

•Continue themilitary victory as the militarysuppression.

• Connecting thedefeated and traumatized Tamils into the mainstream by providing minimal rights so as to keep the Tamils aloof from questioning the authority of Sinhala chauvinism.

• Making use of the military victory he gained to makethe necessaryconstitutional reforms in order to wipe out the culture that causes the Sinhala supremacy which is the root cause of the ethnic conflict in the post-independence era. (If it is done then the Sinhala supremacy would become questionable)

Knowledge and the understandability of Mahinda and those who surrounded around himdid not allow them to do the second and third options as mentioned above. Owing to theirgreedinessof authority and money, Mahinda’s government could not have the guts to transform the military victory to the political victory of the Sinhala chauvinism. 

The governments of either Ranil or Chandrika attempted for a political victory so as to provide minimal powers to the Tamils under the Sinhala Buddhist supremacy by dragging the LTTE into the mainstream politics through weakening it.

Todaythere isno armedextremism. Unfortunately, there are no farsighted political parties of the minorities that has the farsighted approach of converge the people ideologically to feed political awakening. In this critical time, the Tamils can easily and cunninglybeforced to assimilate with the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism. Now Chandrika and Ranil has joined to make efforts to take the second option that Mahinda had; that is transforming the military victory as the political victory of the Sinhala chauvinism.

The difference between Mahinda and Maithri alliance is the difference between a father who controls the child seeking independence by saying “if you do not obey my words, you will be punished” and a father who controls the child seeking independence by giving more pocket money and by saying “why are you so disobedient? See how other children are. Let us all get together.”

(Confine this example to this extent for your understanding. Do not get confused by deeply thinking of it as a father-child relationship.)

The actual change that Sri Lanka is badly in need of it is as mentioned in the third option.

• Cultural change that eradicates the racial sentiments.

• Constitutional reform that should protect the ethnic minorities and recognizes the sovereignties and identities of them.

• Change in authority so as to allow the people to determine their political and economic fate. 

Can these be done by setting up the commissions?

Can these be done by setting up the presidential committee?

Where to start by keeping the state administrative, police and military structures that are corrupt and in authoritative greediness and racism?

AttuliyaRathnaThero stated that he does never consider the problems in North and East as the ethnic problem.  SarathFonseka is the person who always reveals the thoughts ofmilitary supremacy. Even when he addressed in the last election campaign at Jaffna, he arrogantly stated “I have not given any promises to the Tamil National Alliance. But you cast your votes to me.” As like the way they asked the Tamils to vote for them, Maithri could not say in front of the Sinhalese “I am going to share the powers to the Tamils. You vote me.” Instead, he could only be able to ask the Sinhalese to vote for him by saying that he would safeguard the erring Mahinda’s family from the internationalinvestigations and had not given any promises to the Tamils. This sort of attitude may have been explained as diplomacy. How will the actual changes in the society occur in a circumstance in which sentimentalities of the Sinhala supremacy to be satisfied?

The actual political platform of the charming words of both Ranil and Chandrika cannot be anything other than what I above mentioned as the second option.

Do they really want a real change of political culture by telling the truth to the Sinhalese people? If they really want to make such a change, from where should they begin?

They can start by removing the Military soldiers who are everywhere in north and east and the Buddha statues planted by them. We do not want you to uproot the Bodhi trees. Leave those trees as it is since it will give us cool while it’s beautiful leaves dancing in the wind.

You just say that the lands taken over by Gotabhaya will be handed over rather than saying that the lands appropriated by the Military will be handed over to the Tamils. Moreover, state Minister of DefenceRuwanWijewardene firmly stated that the strength of the troops in North would not be reduced for any reason.

You have put full stop where you should have begun!!!!!!!




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