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Guys! Rajapaksa dynasty has come to an end:-


But, it is true that drizzle does not stop yet in spite of the rain stopped - But, are we going to commit historical blunder? –Nadarajah Kurparan-

Guys! Rajapaksa dynasty has come to an end:-


Rajapaksa dynasty has come to an end. But, has the half a century long racial rain stopped and democratic sky started becoming clear? Let we note this question in the unforgettable notes. There are some changes in the few days after the election. We have to wait and see whether these changes are going to lead the long lasting solutions.

Some of the changes brought by the new government are as follows;

* The ban on all Medias has been removed. All Medias could be viewed in Sri Lanka.

* Maithri’s government officially announced that those journalists, intellectuals, businessmen who fled the country during the period of Mahinda’s ruling cause of the fear of their lives in Sri Lanka could return to home.

* The military governor has been replaced with a retired diplomat as the governor of the Northern Province. (Many criticisms are put forth over him also)

Maithri’s government came to some compliance with the leadership of Tamil National Alliance categorically as the things could be done immediately and the things could be done after the parliamentary election.  

*A higher level National Council consist of the leaders of Minority ethnicities Manoganeshan, R.Sampanthan, Rauf Hakeem and Rishad Badhiudeen has been nominated by the government. 

* Restrictions for the foreigners to visit north have been removed.

These were policy based. These things were included in the announced plans that are to be done in Maithri’s first hundred days of office. It was consented that the negotiations, which lead towards the long lasting solution to the primary issues of the country, would be conducted after the parliamentary election while the changes started advancing once the new regime comes to power. 

At the moment, we who are living in exile are creating the conceptions for the people living in Eelam and attempting to impose the decisions over them without understanding the mindsets of them and the reality of the circumstances around them. I could realize that most of those who in exile want our people in Eeelam to live under political tensions.

If the peace continues after Maithri comes to power, thousands of asylum seekers would be deported by the western countries, according to few persons. There is no doubt that the country's present political transition will raise questions in the state of asylum seekers and the western countries would attempt to deport these asylum seekers. In 2002, during the peace talks between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam, most of the asylum seekers sustained serious inconveniences as Sri Lanka was listed in the UK's White List of countries where peace prevails. Desiring for the tense situation in the lives of lakhs of Tamils living in Sri Lanka so as to stop rejecting the thousands of people’s demand for political asylum, is what sort of human consciousness?  

We are obliged to accept the acceptable solution for our people in Sri Lanka or the beginning of it. In case any asylum seekers are deported, the assurances for their lives without any sort of tortures should be necessarily included in the package of political solutions.

Those who realized the woes of being statelessness and living without identities would not hesitate to return to the country in case they are provided the protection.

There were no remarkable tabloids for many Medias after the Rajapaksa dynasty ceased. These Medias are very sad as the people do not see the news which is not interesting, awful and tabloid. They are in misery since the people may stop listening radios, watching TVs and reading websites and newspapers. Some of the internet Medias now stated searching into the garbage of Rajapaksa family for their tabloids.  They now publish news reporting as the problem between Mahinda and Shiranthi, and these Medias are interested in publishing various angles of Photos of Namal, Yositha and Rohitha relishing with girls. The imaginary stories about Gotabhaya, Basil and Chamal are being published by these Medias. Spending their times in publishing these kinds of news is also good in one way.

Because, it is good as far as they keep aloof from publishing the news, which derails the negotiations that lead to the peace in North and East and the solutions to the ethnic problem, either in the Medias or social websites.  

A friend asked me what I am going to do for my survival as no tabloid would be available for me to run the Media in case the ethnic problem gets settled.

Media is not profitable business to me. Also, Media has to run in the open market economy.  Businesses entities tend to advertise their business in the websites that are widely seen by the many numbers of people. It provides income for internet Medias. But I do not view the news as the sellable commodities. That is why; I do not publish anything that conveys any delusions to the people. I always keep the Media ethics by publishing the news without distorting anything.

I do not run the Media business through risking the people and benefitting from the tragedies and losses of them. Anybody who thinks that Media could only be run by focusing only on the war, ethnic struggle, tragedies of the people, tense situations, LTTE and Rajapaksa family, does not know the journalism.

Are there no Medias in countries where there is no ethnic problem or the ethnic issue is still not burst or the issue keeps silence? Journalist would be busy as far as the world remains separated as the oppressed class and oppressive class.

Today, there is some news that has been developed as the news enormously attracting to the people are as follows;  

* The news that brings the names of LTTE’s and its leader Velupillai Prabakaran, intelligence chief Pottu Amman and other senior commanders or the fabricated news as in the manner of including these names.

* Rajapaksa family-related news (Mahinda, Gotabhaya, Basil, Namal, Yositha, Rohitha and Shiranthi)

Does this situation have to continue? Think…….

The readers or the viewers who enthusiastically expects for the tabloids, horrors, thrills and the sex-related stories and the pictures, also should review with regard to their consumption.

What would be the works of diaspora activists, diaspora organizations and the human rights organizations in case peace comes in Sri Lanka? Thinking the answer for this makes few of them worried.

Who said that works could only be done when the politically tensed situation prevails? There would be more possibilities of working a lot in case the peaceful situation comes.       

“What would you do if you get the Eelam after the war?” one of the international journalists asked the leader of LTTE Velupillai Prabakaran. The answer of him for that question was “I would take care of the livelihoods of the families of “great heroes” and I would serve the wounded and differently abled cadres”.  Those who criticize the leadership of the Tigers may raise the question whether he would actually do this or not. The real issue here is not that. The point he commented about what should be done in a peaceful environment, should be significantly considered.  

If the peaceful solution to the conflict is attained, then the diaspora organizations can take the responsibility of rebuilding the war-torn Tamil nation in terms of economically, politically and socially. Also, the diaspora organizations can assist those who lost almost all the things due to the war with the intention of stepping up the lives of those people.  

Attempts can be made to create the democratic circumstance so as to exert pressure from inside the country also for the International investigation on war crimes. 

Some countries including Britain demanded the new government to cooperate with the international investigations. Thus, there would be possibilities of demanding the legitimate international investigation over the genocide committed against Tamils while the attempts for peace keep continuous.

The intention of this article is to create neither the extreme beliefs nor the illusions. But, the intention of this article is to emphasize the need for the diplomatic approach to the problems by calculating the correct course of the present tendency.     

It is not favorable for Tamils to get ruined by being trapped in the conflicts as the third generation. Potential solution to the ethnic conflict should be brought with the collaboration of all sides. The principles are pretty to speech. But they have to be materialized.

It would be a historical blunder if either the individuals or the organizations attempt to do their politics or their Media business at this crucial time for their own betterment by risking the Tamils who have been struggling for half a century.


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