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Maitri is not going to give silk dhoti. But we should not to be nakedby Mahinda. Is not it? -


-Nadarajah Kuruparan:-

Maitri is not going to give silk dhoti. But we should not to be nakedby Mahinda. Is not it? -


Peace talk was about to be ceased during the time when the 2005 presidential election was taking place. There was despondency cause of the fear of war that was about to be blasted again, throughout the country.

All the extremist parties united in a single party in that presidential election. The extremist parties including JVP and JHU unleashed intense propagandas mentioning the peace talk should be stopped as the Ranil-Praba accord could split the country into two. The posters displayed throughout the country savagely dispersed the racism in the electoral history of the country. Late Mr. Sripathy Sooriyaratchi and Mangala Samaraweera who presently engaged in the opposition party, made endeavors to bring Mahinda to the regime. JVP and JHU implored the people village by village for bringing Mahinda to the regime.

Thansala and the discussions being happened at the “Temple Trees” presently were also rejoicing at that time. The first “Thansala” was for the journalists throughout the country. All the journalists were invited to take part in that “Thansala”. The editors of the main Medias functioning in the capital were importantly invited. I also went there where I could see the hardworking of both Mangala and Sripathy. 

Without tolerating the ill-treatment of the family ruling of the regime of Mahinda who was brought with the label of the savior of the nation, Mangala and Sripathy left the party at the beginning of Mahinda’s regime.  

When the Rajapaksa family started enjoying the harvest of the war victory by possessing it as their own, the partners of Mahinda started keeping aloof from his regime and those who were unable kept mum and remained in his regime.

However, no one who attempted to maintain the family ruling and dictatorial ruling can take the prolong standing in the history. JVP also broke out from Mahinda once after the war victory. And also Mahinda split the JVP. He, who threw out the leader of his party, smashed other political parties by providing pelf, posts and offers.

He broke the MuslimCongressintoseveralgroups. He broke the JVP into three groups. He broke the upcountry parties into small groups. He bought 67MPsfromthe UNP. He established the dictatorial regime with the support of his family through enforcing the legal amendments so as to bury all the democratic values by creating the two-thirds overwhelmingmajorityin the Parliament. He could not break the TNA except taking the Piyasena from it.  

Chandrika, Maitri and Mangala alliance jeopardized the Mahinda’s monarchy by smashing the arrogance of Mahinda who was said to be the steel man by making such heroic breakouts in other political parties.

For the last 9 years, the members defected from the opposition party to ruling party. But 14 parliamentarians and more than 50 local and provincial council members defected so far from Mahinda’s regime. Mahinda would not have thought this even in his dreams.  “Maitri, who was drinking tea with me yesterday night, defected to Chandrika’s team on the following day morning”, Mahinda took some days to get away from this shock.

The country'sintellectuals, those who keep the political decency, academic and non-academic staff of the Universities, Media organizations, workers’ unions, journalists' associations, formerdiplomats and western countries joined together against the corrupt and dictatorial ruling of a family ruling.

Apart from some of the upcountry and Muslim leaders who engaged in the government willingly or unwillingly, the mentalities of both ethnicities are to bring Maitri in the regime.

While the country is cravingfor a regime change day and night, the slogans mentioning the boycott presidential election in North and East, surfaced.  Each ofthe partiesand individualshas the right to expresstheiropinion. 

But we should look backward the lessons taught by the past history. JVP, JHU and Mangala, who brought Mahinda to the regime, had faced the consequences of their activities.

On the other hand, as the election was boycotted in the North and East, indelibleamightymovement that had the de-facto state had been busted by Mahinda within four years from the time when he came to the regime.   The mighty movement that astonished the entire world had been vanished in front of our eyes.

Datesbackto2005……. I am just recalling the memories of my telephone conversation with the office of the Tiger’s former politicalwing leader Tamilsevan from the 35th floor of the Colombo World Trade Centre building.

I spoke to the prominent persons regarding the consequences in case of boycotting the presidential election. I spoke to some of the LTTE’s intelligence in this regard. Many of those are not alive now. It is not known what happened to them. Only the one who is still alive is Thaya Master who had been as the Media spokesperson of LTTE.

He also said that there were no possibilities to change the decision since their leadership decided to boycott the presidential election as a diplomatic move to defeat Ranil.

LateUPFleader and MinisterPeriyasamyChadrasekaran, my closefriend visited to Killinochchi to speak to the key leaders of the LTTE in order to ask them to give up their decision taken regarding the election. None of the key leaders met him though he waited for them since morning till evening. The ordinary cadres send him off saying the decision cannot be changed and the key leaders were not reachable to meet at that time. Following to that, the frustrated Chandrasekaran, who faced many troubles because of the immense helps rendered by him to Tigers, talked to me regarding this. I know that the Ranil’s defeat and the severe pressures of Mahinda exerted on him were the reasons of his demise.

Many including my dear friend Manoganeshan had shared their discrepancies about the decision made by the Tigers regarding the presidential election, when they talked to me. Upcountry political parties and the Muslim Congress had also been in support of Ranil. Those who stood with Ranil, who was defeated by the boycotting decision made by the LTTE, except Manoganeshan had defected to Mahinda time to time without any alternatives.

When I was residing in the Europe after I had been abducted, I had an opportunity to discuss with the diplomats, who engaged in the peace talks on behalf of the co-chairs, regarding the election boycott.

They responded to that saying “This hardcore extremist was brought by the Tamils to regime. We expected that Ranil who could somewhat be bound in the democratic values will come to power. But LTTE prevented the people's democratic right to vote. We vehemently opposed toit. Though the people are being killed in enormous numbers in the war with LTTE, it is inevitable.” They indirectly said that the destruction of LTTE was inevitable.

This was caused because of the miscalculation about the international politics. Particularly, India totally disregarded the Norway’s facilitating role. Beyond that, Ranil’s government kept on continuing the peace talks with the support of western powers. As a result,theSonia-led Congress government was in the forefront to defeat the Ranil’s government. Those countries including China, that opposed the western influence, wanted the Ranil’s defeat. They won the anti-western and anti-tiger stance by bringing the Mahinda to the regime.

If such a diplomatic decision taken by the Nepal's Maoistrebels in that circumstance was initiated diplomatically, the prevailing situation will be so much different.   

Meanwhile, I don’t say that if Ranil had come to power, he would not have either annihilated the LTTE or broken the peace. But the way and his approach to do that might have been varied. At least a short time period might have been available for the Tigers to think and plan about the next move. They could have possibly made defensive strategies. And also, the Tamils would not have been subjected to a tragedy like the Mullivaikal massacre. Same as the losses confronted by the people in the previous regimes except Mahinda’s regime would have been possibly occurred. 

(My perception about Ranil Wickremesinghe was vividly written in the series of works of mine “My Silence Breaks”)

Beyond the criticisms, LTTE had the area controlled by them when they decided to boycott the presidential election. They had the de-facto state. They had the administrative structure and the leadership for that. They had the public support that obeyed the leadership. They had the bargaining power. Through that, they came to a deal with Mahinda.  

But the plight of the Tamil people is bereaved today. The Tamil people left isolated. The Nothern Provincial Council run by TNA, the moderate Tamil nationalist party, is not allowed by the Mahinda’s government to function. The people are facing immense troubles as the government is not associated even with the Chief Minister, who earlier served as the Chief Justice by entirely accepting the Sinhalese dogma for more than a half century. 

Tamils are in a position to prevent from to be naked by Rajapaksa&Co that is in a firm stand to nude the remaining that the Tamils have. 

Those who asked the Tamil people to boycott the presidential election should clarify the legitimate reason through elaborating domestic, regional and international politics. 

It is not legitimate to come up with different justifications for the elections by categorizing it as presidential, provincial and parliament election. If you say that the presidential election is not necessary for the Tamil people as two Sinhala racists are contesting in this election, then are you going to advance the Eelam struggle in the parliament by capturing just 15 seats as maximum out of the 225 seats in the parliamentary election?  Will the international community only look at what you speak if it isonly registered at the parliament concert?

You can make the world aware through the international Medias by speaking in front of the people instead of speaking at the parliament.  If you could promise to accept the integrity of the unitary Sri Lanka by giving up the Eelam demand when you take oath as per the 6th amendment at the parliament of the Sinhala Buddhist country, then why should not the people, who are willingly or unwillingly being the Sri Lankancitizens to elect the ghost that will at least avoid stripping the Tamils among these two ghosts contested in this presidential election?

Western powers particularly the USA and UK prefer the regime change in this country through the democratic election. Indian mood is also like that. While the interests of the international and regional powers are being like that, if the Mahinda comes to regime just because the Tamils boycotted the election he will start crushing the Tamils. Then the international community will keep quite when the Tamils will be being subjugated. Also the international community will anyhow have to keep the good relationship with Mahinda in case he comes to power. It doesn’t matter if the Mahinda is sworn in as president despite the Tamils casted their votes in the election as no one can extend the finger towards Tamils.

 “The decision that you will take in the election will be the decision to the entire country”, the president Mahinda addressed yesterday (18.12.14) at Mullaitivu.

What could be understood from his address is that the vote of minorities will be the determinant in the upcoming election.  If we boycott this election, all the votes will be casted by the Military and the pro-government groups to Mahinda. What will then be the result?

On the one hand, we beg the international community by falling at its feet asking to punish Mahinda and bring those who had committed the war crimes to the international court. On the other hand, we blame the international community for advising us to contribute in the election as the democratic mean. Is the double stand noticeable?   

National question of Tamils have gone to the United Nations as a result of the protests staged by the diaspora, the political impact of the diaspora as being the citizens of the respective countries and by the international mechanisms. Will not the Tamils become unwanted in the international arena if they boycott the presidential election?

I say again what I said before 9 years when I was in the “Suriyan FM” radio at Colombo. Boycotting the election by violating the regional and international expectations will tactically cause adverse effects. Then that will be the same mistake committed as what we did in the 2005 election. 

The time mandatorily brings the people to cast their votes in accordance with their conscience.

Nadarajah Kuruparan



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