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The posters against the Great Heroes Remembrance Day appeared in the premises of Jaffna University:-


Reporter for Global Tamil News –Jaffna-

The posters against the Great Heroes Remembrance Day appeared in the premises of Jaffna University:-

Fear psychosis engulfed in University of Jaffna as just few days left for Great Heroes Remembrance Day.  

The posters against the Great Heroes Remembrance Day have been posted today in the University premises while the Military soldiers intensively deployed around the University of Jaffna, correspondent of Global Tamil News said.



Tense situation prevails in the University premises following the warnings and intimidations to some particular students whose names were mentioned in the posters mentioning the mentioned students will be shot dead in case the Great Heroes Remembrance Day is commemorated in the University premises. 



Notably, beyond the heavy intimidation of Military, posters commemorating the Great Heroes Remembrance Day have been widely posted in the University of Jaffna few days ago.



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03/12/2014, 7:47 AM
 - Posted by Anonymous
Why commemorate LTTE ?. Is it to remember the 30 yrs of curse and difficulty faced by people of Jaffna. For people living another countries situation in North is not a issue as they live with all the comforts over there. Some talking about military presence in Jaffna. Somebody franckly tell me if you go to the Jaffna town today , how may Military guys are there other than the Police on Traffic duty ?. When LTTE ruling Jaffna , you even breath with the consent of LTTE. As Sri Lankan we enjoy same privileges and suffer from same problems . I challenge thro this forum to name any unique problems that cause suffering to people of north. Just tap to your heart and ask. This situation is created by Politicians for there survival. One small example : One Doctors in Sri Lanka went on strikes just to get the duty free cars. During the strike some patients were died without timely medical attention. Doctors excuse to that was Government is responsible for the deaths as they should have give our duty free allowance and save the patients. This is a society think Duty free car is more valued than a human life. Just think about this and compare !!! . Also pl understand nobody can defeat Tamils , it is terrorism got defeated . NOt only in North east also two times in all the other provinces ( 1971 & 1988-89 ) .
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