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The news yet to be revealed but to be said by the government aboutthe assassination of Naguleshwaran


From Pattani Razeek to Naguleshwaran –News Analysis:-

The news yet to be revealed but to be said by the government aboutthe assassination of Naguleshwaran

The news yet to be revealed but to be said by the government about the assassination of Kirushnaswamy Naguleshwaran is getting leaked. 

Grama Niladari Jepanesan and six others have been arrested in connection with this murder. In addition, the key forensic evidences have also been obtained, the police spokesman Ajith Rohana told.

"The motive behind the murder becomes known to us. At the completion of the investigation in a few days we will reveal the information in this regard”, Ajith Rohana said.

The names of others, who have been arrested so far, were not publicized yet. Name details of those were known to Global Tamil News.

1) Jepanesan Grama Niladari, Vellankulam

2) Tamil Selvan from Vavuniya (Former Tiger cadre)

3) Rasalingam from Vavuniya (Former Tiger cadre)

4) Chandrakumar, brother of Rasalingam

5) Satheshkumar (Maaddu Kannan), brother of Chandrakumar's wife

6) Sasikumar- Tractor driver

The main suspects among them are Tamil Selvan and Rasalingam. These two former Tiger cadres are accused of opening the gun fire on Naguleshwaran.    

However, the contract for the execution of this assassination was given by the Divisional Secretary Sriskandarajah through Grama Niladari Jepanesan. This contract dealt for Rs. 5 lacks but only Rs.35, 000 has already been given. Remaining money was decided to be given once after theexecution, according to the information revealed by the important person from Mannar.

Among the two who had committed the murder, Tamilselvan was a member of Intelligence Division of Tigers. Both of them got close contacts with Military Intelligence when underwent the rehabilitation program and they continued this close contact even after their release.

They are the persons who arranged the rifle used for this assassination. Efforts are being made to protect the Divisional Secretary who is the main perpetrator of this assassination.

When Sriskandarajah was working as the Assistant Government Agent at Pooneryn area during 2003-2004, he was punished by Sinnappa Master, in charge of Administrative Section of Tigers because of the office scandals committed by him and the unfair relationships he had with women, according to the sources revealed from there. He was also subjected to the reprimands given by the then Government Agent Rasanayaham. More or less, over the past 10 years, several accusations have been still continuing about his service.

Meanwhile, with the support of the Minister Rishad Bathiudeen, the most influential person in the government, particularly the close associate of Basil Rajapaksa (Basil and Rishad are the co-owners of a steel melting company located at Kurunagala), Sriskandarajah continues his wrong doings, the residents from there said.

Most probably, whole responsibility of this murder will be put on the two former Tiger cadres by allowing the Sriskandarajah and his helper Jepanesan sometimes to escape away from this. Thereby, the government would say to the International Community that the terrorism of Tigers are still continuing as the tigers still keep the weapons with them, which threatens the country severely. Also, the government would kill its enemies by putting the whole responsibility on the former Tigers. Then it would be used to maintain the government’s Sinhalese vote bank and creating the semblance of Tiger terrorism to show the International Community. Thus, the joint conspiracy of the government, Military and its intelligence, Ministers and Tamil Offices continues.

Meanwhile, Rishad Bathiudeen stated that he had requested Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to take necessary action by investigating the background of the assassination of Naguleshwaran.

According to Rishad, he contacted Gotabhaya over the phone on 16th of November in this regard.

The statement delivered by the Minister Rishad Bathiudeen in this regard as follows:

I see the loss of Naguleshwaran from Vellankulam, Mannar as a massive loss to Manthai region.

He had been shot dead when he was engaging in the normal life after the rehabilitation.

As a Development Committee member of Maanthai Region, he gained much assistance through me for the betterment of his regional interests. He talked to me regarding the development of his region whenever he meets me.

The assassination of Naguleshwaran engaged in the normal life, caused suspicion among the people.

Police has the duty and responsibility to remove the suspicion among people by revealing the truth behind the assassination. 

I requested Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to take necessary action by investigating the background of the assassination of Naguleshwaran.

He conveyed his deepest condolences to the family and friends of late Naguleshwaran in his statement.

While the Minister’s statement is like this, it is much necessary to look into the just past history. Pattani Razeek, who was a social activist and one of the directors of the Community Trust Fund in Puttalam, had been recovered as dead in July 2011, 16 month after his disappearance.

Minister Rishad Bathiudeen was accused of this assassination by the Muslim people in Puttalam. More than 5000 people staged protest accusing the Minister Rishad Bathiudeen of the assassination of Pattani Razeek. The investigations regarding these remains standstill as a powerful politician was behind that murder.

Following links will lead you to view the news regarding the assassination of Pattani Razeek.

BBC News – P. Razick

Daily Mirror – Razeek laid to rest amidst calls for justice

Meanwhile, Sriskandarajah, who was working as the Divisional Secretary of Manthai West DS division where the assassination committed, has been replaced with Vasanthakumar who was serving as the Divisional Secretariat of Mannar DS division. Sriskandarajah has been transferred to Mannar.

There is a gigantic conspiracy behind this sudden transfer also, people from there told Global Tamil News. Vasanthakumar is also a close associate with Minister Rishad Bathiudeen and the government.

The first figure comes in the minds about Pooneryn AGA Vasanthakumar is a fraud, people from there said. Following the so many accusations over him including corruptions and misconducts, he was deposed and transferred from Pooneryn. But then, he was promoted as the Divisional Secretary of Mannar as a result of the political influence. It clearly indicates the government’s desire of keeping the vulnerable officials in authority so as to accomplish its needs.

An example is given below;

The contracting firm which carried out the construction activities of Pooneryn Road gained Rs.300 million as profit. Subsequently, the contracting firm asked the Killinochchi GA, Engineer and the Pooneryn DS to express their wish to be received as gift. Except Vasanthakumar, all others asked for money. But Vasanthakumar asked them to help him with a Chinese woman. Subsequently, a Chinese woman was sent for him from Colombo by an Inter-cooler vehicle, the fellow workers said.

The intention of this news analysis is not to study the weaknesses of an individual. The intention of revealing this is to disclose how the Tamil officials from North and East become the “hand doll” of the rulers. Thus, through bestowing the woman and gold to the officials, the lives of the ordinary people are spoiled by the government.

Vasanthakumar has been transferred to Manthai West Divisional Secretariat in order to hide the further details in connection with the assassination of Naguleshwaran. 

In the context of these proceedings, we may wait and see how the verdict would be in the judiciary system of Rajapaksa regime.




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