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Land seizing politics like putting the Prawn to catch Shark -Thepachelvan:-


-Translated by Global Tamil News-

Land seizing politics like putting the Prawn to catch Shark -Thepachelvan:-


We faced the most massive genocide and brutal war crimes committed in this century. To the same extent or degree, we are confronting the land seizures.  The tragedy and the crisis of us is being confronted the land grabbing. In fact, the most deadly pain in the world is to become as a landless ethnic group. For the various needs of the world and its politics, the politics of grabbing the homeland of an ethnicity is being so much easily committed.

Eelam Tamils do not demand anything other than the right to live in their own land themselves. They never appropriated the land of anyone. But our land is being grabbed in each second. Our lands are being shrunken inch by inch. We have so much fear now. We are living with anxiety as our lands are being shrinkingly perished. Our land has been being seized for many years in a well-orchestrated manner. 

Border villages in our territory, which were not in 1915, were formed in 1950. Despite ample land facilities in the South, Sinhalese villages have been being created and stirred in our border villages in a well-orchestrated manner with the intention of subjugating the Eelam Tamils. It is being intensified day by day. The momentum that comes out of their genocidal victory over us, sets up the Military camps and Sinhalese settlements over the rupture of us, vividly revealed what is being happened to Tamils.

Recently, Mahinda issued 20, 000 land permits when his Killinochchi visit. This event is a well-planned political action for the purpose of concealing the ongoing land grabbing. This is the land seizing politics like putting the Prawn to catch Shark. Seeing this, fear comes out as our lands are to be intensively grabbed in an accelerated way like troll’s snatching. The most serious issue that we are confronting now is land grabbing.

There are thousands of acres of lands appropriated throughout our entire territory. Many places and villages appropriated with the blanket of High Security Zone (HSZ). The land seizure is being intensively taken place. Sinhalese settlements are being set up. Sri Lankan government does not stop these. It does not give the seized lands back to the Tamils. Instead, it is engaged in appropriating the lands as much as possible.    

Today, we are urging the global community to voice against the seizure of our lands.   We demanded the assistance of the global community to protect our motherland. We have been fighting for these for sixty years. We fought for living and governing our land ourselves. Land is the fundamental base to all. The land is the Nation. Self-determination is needed for living and governing our land ourselves. Our nation is the traditional homeland. “If the Eelam demand is given up, then I will abolish the executive presidency”, President Mahinda stated stupidly in his Killinochchi visit.

The reason for the Eelam demand is to protect the ancestral territory from the Sri Lankan government’s act of annihilating and subjugating it.   The rulers over the years have been pretending as unknown about the legitimacy of the Eelam demand. The rulers over the years have been grabbing the Tamil’s land as their prime function. Like manner, the present president Mahinda Rajapakse is advancing the land grabbing deliberately in an accelerated and apparent way by means of the Military and the laws imposed with the intention of making the appropriation easier.

North and East became packed with Military camps. Military camps set up as a hindrance to the normal life of Tamils and with the intention of grabbing the lands and stop the Tamils from fighting for their rights, thereby completely annihilating the Tamils in their homeland. Homeland of Tamils is still being seized by the Military with Tanks and rifles. It is necessary to dispel the Military from the homeland of Tamils in order to put an end to the land grabbing and to recover the seized lands back.

Thousands of acres of lands were seized at Vanni for the needs of Military. Military takes hold of the many parts of Keppapulavu, Killinochchi, Murukanti and Mullaitivu villages. The people from these areas are still living the refugee life. Similarly, 6381 acres of land of 25 thousand owners were seized as High Security Zones in Valikamam North region. Therefore, the people from these areas are living in refugee camps. The lands of these people are now being as the tourist place of Military that packed with resorts.

What can be the injustice more than this? Luxury hotels of the Military were built in the lands of those people who are languishing in the refugee camps. Ancestral homes of these people are being annihilated. Schools are being destroyed. Uprooted people from the Sampoor village are still living in refugee camps and sample villages with many hardships. While they have been being separated for the past 8 years, their lands had been appropriated as High Security Zone (HSZ).

Lands seizing activities in Tamil’s homeland are being intensively carried out while people are languishing because of the already seized lands and lands being appropriated. Sri Lankan government had endeavored to seize the lands in many areas such as Mathakal, Valikamam, Atchuveli, Thiruvadinilai, Elephant pass and Mullaivaikal. North returned to the wartime look for the past several months due to the land seizing activities.  

Land power is much needed to put an end to the land grabbing. At least, the land power stated in the 13th Amendment must be given to the Provincial Council. Two resolutions were unanimously passed by the Northern Provincial Council demanding the implementation of the land powers in accordance with the 13th Amendment and the resettlement of people by freeing the lands from Military controlled before the end of this year.

Enforced the Land Acquisition Act and established the Ministry and Department related to that for seizing the lands, realizes us how dangerously the lands are to be further seized.  67 thousands of acres of lands were appropriated by the Sinhala Military, according to the statistics of NPC.  

To the same extent or degree, Sinhalese settlements are being carried out in the border villages. They are settled family by family day and night. While North is being appropriated by the land seizures and the High Security Zones, East is also being appropriated by the planned Sinhala colonization to the same extent as like North. Sinhalese settlements are being carried out in the border villages of Trincomalee and Mullaitivu with the intention of separating the homeland. 

Sinhalese settlements affect the Tamil people in various ways. In addition to the lands are being deprived by it, it suppresses the protection and the livelihood of Tamils. Ill-treatment confronted by Tamils when the border conflicts happened, clearly indicates the massive damage and the political oppression faced by Tamils. If Mahinda issues the land permits to 20, 000 persons while homeland of Tamils is being seized and destroyed, it will be deliberate that it is full of conspiracy and gimmicks.

Sri Lankan government should stop the land grabbing and the planned Sinhala settlements. Tamils should be handed over the seized lands. Solution to the ethnic problem can be achieved from this starting point. Instead, Sri Lankan government decided to appropriate the homeland of Tamils continuously. For that, it is engaged in subjugating the Tamils, their political rights and the right to self-determination.

The aim of the Sinhala chauvinist government is to annihilate the Tamil nation by thwarting the dissemination of Tamils through the land appropriation. Therefore, we must go further to extent our struggle for the land rights and these issues should be taken to international level. Fighting for our rights is mandatory in our life willy-nilly. This is our motherland that cannot be lost. If we want to live, restoring our land is inevitable.


-Thepachelvan for Global Tamil News-




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