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Will Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council do this or say this? –A.Nixon-


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Will Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council do this or say this?  –A.Nixon-

Vigneswaran who never got involved in the Tamil nationalist politics, should highlight the injustices committed from Soulbary to the 13th Amendment. Then only the background of intransigent attitude of the Sri Lankan government that disregard the LTTE by saying it as terrorist while refusing to associate with Vigneswaran who never got involved in the Tamil extremist politics and the Tamil communal politics, will be revealed.

Tamil National Alliance visited to meet Narendra Modi once he sworn in as the new prime minister. According to the representatives of TNA, lot of things that had been discussed during this meeting makes them to believe in the solutions to the ethnic problem. But no progress in this regard could be seen so far.   Even TNA held meeting with Manmohan Singh three times when he was the Prime Minister. But nothing happened following that. As an alternative, Indian Central government provided the assistance directly to the Sri Lankan government for the development projects including the 50,000 housing scheme. Other than that, no efforts for political solution had been reported. Their support will be rendered to whom in the presidential election, is the nowadays talk.

13th Amendment

Chief Minister Vigneswaran reminds in every occasion that Northern Provincial Council functions through the election that was conducted owing to the pressure exerted by India. But, whether Vigneswaran made the India aware of the direct and indirect obstacles and the interruptions of the presidential powers or not is doubtful. But the shortcomings of the Provincial Council were told by TNA to international community including India several times. But in the post May 2009 era, Provincial Council established as a new administration, which was said to be the beginning of the formation of a political solution is now unable to function. Chief Minister should necessarily reveal this view in a proper manner with high concern. 

It is because of two reasons. Firstly, the opinion of International community including India about Vigneswaran is that he is not a pro-LTTE and also he is not the person who agreed the principles of Tamil nationalism and Tamil Eelam. Secondly, racist actions of the government can be explicitly revealed if Vigneswaran as a Chief Minister and a former Chief Justice points out that the government does not allow NPC to go on the laws and regulations in current constitution.

The history of ethnic conflict is not merely after the May, 2009. The experts’ panel of United Nations has said in a statement about the history of ethnic conflict since 1948. Therefore, the significance will be higher if Vigneswaran elucidates the injustices committed against Tamils from Soulbury Constitution formulated in 1948 up to the 13th amendment of the second republican constitution which is in current practice.

Ethnic conflict out broke following the collapse of Ceylon National Movement in 1920, political science professor A.J.Wilson said in his book. Tamil politicians are the ones who have been saying so far about the reason for the failure of Non-violent struggle staged during the period of S.J.V. Selvanayaham and why the youths had taken the arms following that. May be the reason, those comments were considered as the comments of Tamil racism. Such a situation still prevails. Political activities of TNA and Tamil Arasu Party are considered by the Southern Sinhalese political parties and even by the international community as the continuity of Tiger’s politics. But they do not accept the fact that many years before the emergence of LTTE, ethnic conflict had out broken and the injustices were committed against Tamils.

The Political demands of Tamils were portrayed as Terrorism to the international community including India, from the JR’s time to Mahinda’s government. Foreign policy of Sri Lanka remains same as this from 1948. Therefore, Vigneswaran has a huge responsibility. Not confined himself as a Chief Minister of Northern Province, it is much needed to make the international community including India known about the injustices committed against the  Tamil speaking people in the North and East historically. Keep aloof from the label of just Tamil nationalist politician, as a former Chief Justice and the current Chief Minister and also as a one who thoroughly knows about the entire constitutions, Vigneswaran should explicitly illustrate injustices committed against the Tamil speaking people throughout the constitution, which would be harmonious. Then no one can label it as a Tamil racist comment. Because, it would be fair if a law professional exemplifies how Tamils were taken revenge throughout the constitutions. 

Sampanthan’s comment

Apart from the Tigers’ refusal to 13th amendment, Tamil parties also rejected this as a political solution in 1987.  Sampanthan even mentioned in parliament. Vigneswaran had given a much better explanation that Provincial Council system is not the solution, when he sworn in as the Chief Justice in 2001.

Tigers were accused of being as terrorists and separatists. International community including India also accepted it. India imposed the ban on LTTE in 1992 on the basis of the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.  Based on that, America imposed the ban on LTTE in 1997. Following the ban imposed by these countries on LTTE, European Union banned the LTTE in 2002. Imposed ban on LTTE without following the proper procedures to ban a movement is the wrong decision, the European Union court said recently.

Meanwhile, Natvar Singh accused the Congress government in his book that it made mistake in the LTTE’s affairs. Mistakes of India in Eelam Tamils’ affairs were pointed out by Dicsit, the former Indian envoy in his book. These are merely the some of the examples.

However, the issue here is not to justify the dead Tigers. The answer would be easily derived for the question of why the racial unity remains disrupted for more than 60 years when it is revealed that the injustices had been committed against Tamils from the Soulbury constitution to 13th Amendment and the undemocratic provisions throughout these constitutions. The intransigent attitude and its background of the Sri Lankan government that disregarded the LTTE by saying the LTTE as terrorist, while not associating with Vigneswaran who never got involved in the Tamil extremist politics and the Tamil communal politics, would be understandable.


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