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Globaltamilnews is not the media for such persons…


"I did not think conducting an Internet media continuously would give me depression and mental agony”

Globaltamilnews is not the media for such persons…


At the beginning, I did not think conducting an internet media continuously would give such depression and mental agony. To continue our media started in 2009, we have to work a lot. In this world that occupied by the multinational corporations based on the open market economy, there is no market to the alternative Medias. Making the required economy to conduct the Media would give depression. I would like to share with you about a matter which gives much more depression than this.

A question often arises in me whether all Media personnel face such problems. Mind is obscure whether the wish to conduct the Media while maintaining the Media ethics within an ethnicity that engaged in the freedom struggle and still struggling for the political and socio-economic rights of it, is the cause for such depression and mental agony.  

One of the readers of Global Tamil News contacted me over the Skype on 13.10.14 at London time 5.43 PM and he debuted with a question asking whether I am a pro or anti Tamil nationalist as a blow on my forehead.   And then he said as follows;

“Do you publish news like thrusting the needle into plantain? Why do you publish news of all as GTN is a media?   I do see why do you give priority to the EPDP Chandrakumar’s news? I asked from my friend in this regard saying GTN is a fantastic news website in which wide range of things such as constructive articles and factual news are published. But Chandrakumar’s news also comes within that. Why does Kuruparan do like this? My friend replied that you had been in P.L.O.T. But my question has no connections with P.L.O.T.  Therefore, saying like that, your website cannot simply be ignored”, he added.  

My close friend recently went to Jaffna where he had discussion with his friend about many things. In their discussions, talks about me and GTN had come across. That friend of my close friend told him that Kuruparan is a complex man as he had been with Army. For that, my close friend asked him to stop talking like that saying he knows where Kuruparan had been.

One person said that I had stood with PLOT while another one refers me as the one who stood with Army.

In a conversation with a friend on Facebook, that friend asked me as follows;

“Do you agree the separate Tamil Eelam? Do you accept Mr. Prabaharan as the National leader? We do not know so far what your political stance is”

There are two main reasons for the worst defeat of the typical Tamil nationalism created and put forward by LTTE.   

Firstly, the denial of the democratic space within them and the people in their struggle, thereby they failed to perceive the feelings of the people.

Secondly, their failure of the understanding of the international political circumstances at the time of the freedom struggle. Actually, that nationalism was not in the understandable position to perceive the occurrences around them.  

The above two errors out broken were not made in a short period of time. They gradually formed in three decades.  Most of the main stream Tamil Medias contributed to the formation of such circumstance by acknowledging the LTTE or because of their fear on the LTTE or their racial prejudice without the political awareness. As a journalist, here I agree my mistakes made initially without exposing the errors of the LTTE.    

What we realize today as Tamil Nationalism is the one that should be able to perceive what is happening around it and to understand the changes on the basis of Democracy.  The Media we need today is to develop this.   

Ragu Kathirvelu wrote in my Facebook inbox on 22-09-2014 at 02:55 as follows;

Kuruparan Anna! You picked up only the anti-government news to publish. Don’t you know the news that Yarl Devi went to Jaffna? Or else, is your reporter not there? When will you come to Sri Lanka so as to give you good news? (He is the person who recently sent death threat to me on Facebook)

Yarl Devi to Jaffna, renovation of the roads and renovation of government administrative buildings are not the things which are made available to Tamils as the first time in the history of the Tamil people. These were before the freedom struggle began. Power to create the political and socio economic structure themselves with their identities was the aim of the Tamil’s struggle. Cadres are the ones who barred the Yarl Devi by removing the Railway tracks.  “Yarl Devi” was viewed as a symbol of the occupation. Today also, it is the strongest symbol of the occupation. Meanwhile, there is a requirement for it for the transportation needs of the people. Therefore, in these cases, the news should be delivered by looking into the detail. But many fail to notice these news published in my Media. Those who expect the news to be published whereas it was not actually happened fail to notice the porous news in the occurrences delivered by us.

In the past, many conversations like these happened on Facebook and over the internet communications. Important things rise up out of these are as follows;

·         The expectation that not publishing the News of those who oppose or deny the liberation of the Tamil people. 


·         The expectation that indicating the errors of LTTE while justifying the ethnic repression of the Sri Lankan Government.


·         The prophecy that all of the news reports in the Medias against the liberation of Tamils are false.


·         The belief that all the news published in the LTTE support Medias or the Medias pretending like that are true.


·         The expectation that writing the headings and the contents of a news in a manner that attract and satisfy the minds of people or any of the groups.

It is obscure whether the causes for the above expectations are because of not understanding the fundamentals of the Media or else because of the irreversibility from the discriminate feelings.

One asked me “Why do you publish the pro-government news?” another one asked me “Why do you publish anti-government news?” 

Both of them are Tamils. Both of them represent the two types of tendencies prevailing among us. If I want to satisfy the above two tendencies then I do not have much possibilities as it would take me to the biased Media. But most of the Medias do this. 

News reports of activism of those with the Sinhala state, those refuse the Tamil nationalist sentiment, the Sinhala state and Sinhala racists are published by Global Tamil News. A fundamental of the Journalism is publishing the News as the News about the incident without any coverings.

The tendency of revealing the News with the intention of satisfying the group of people will keep people in illusion. Sinhala and English Newspapers in the clutches of Sinhala Chauvinism react in this way as of now. But Global Tamil News does not like to take such a stance. 

In this decade in which individual network through social Medias is being expanded, if any of the news agency tries to hide the one’s opinion or the incident that would become ridiculous. Now, the government and its allied groups are operating in the North and East. Revealing what they are doing will help the people to realize why they are doing that.

Ethnic unity is impossible in Sri Lanka unless the circumstance emanates for the minority ethnicities to keep their identity and freedom. Ethnic unity is impossible unless removing the occupying Military and devolution of powers made by questioning the stance of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism. The legitimacy of the liberation struggle of the Tamils arises from this impossibility.     

Unfortunately, despite the regional and international political circumstances identified the stance of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, it recognizing this stance directly and indirectly for their interests. Perceiving all kinds of aspects and news are necessary to a politically very vulnerable ethnicity. At this time, we cannot choose the Journalism that would take the Tamils to the situation prevailed three decades ago.

It is pointless for Media personnel to get worry about few who cannot be able to understand the political and social concerns revealed by its contents, one of my friends often say.

True. Global Tamil News is not the Media for such persons.

-Nadarajah Kuruparan-





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