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President’s visit to Northern Province made us to laugh and consider as well-Santhi Satchithanantham


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President’s visit to Northern Province made us to laugh and consider as well-Santhi Satchithanantham


Killinochchi has enormous historic highlights. Vanniyar ruled this land by setting up several pools for agriculture.  It is an important place in the modern history also. In 1998, fiftieth Independence Day was intended to be held at Sri Daladawa Maligawa in Kandy by Chandrika Government. The then Defense Minister Rathwatte publicly challenged that the next Independence Day would be celebrated at Killinochchi. As retaliation to this, Tigers had sent the bomb fixed vehicle to the Daladawa Maligawa. Independent day events had been canceled in that year.

In the following years, Killinochchi functioned as the capital of Tiger’s ruling when the peace talks with UNP government initiated. When Killinochchi was withdrawn by the tigers following the battle taken place in 2008, Tamil nation had understood that defeat would be definite.  The election campaign with the intention of fulfilling his aspiration that is to become as the president as the third time, has been inaugurated by Mahinda Rajapakse at Killinochchi in 2014 also.

It could be laughed and considered as well regarding the addresses delivered by the President when the land permits were being issued at Killinochchi on 12th of October and the then development related functions.

Killinochchi and Mullaitivu are the districts which have been suffering by the outrages of Armed forces as a routine event.  More than five people cannot meet anywhere. Such meeting gathered by more than five persons can only be arranged if it is permitted by Military through the consideration of the all details related to such meeting. From the tractor to any of the tools used by People should be given to Military in case they ask. Unless otherwise, such situation, as the pathetic plight of the farmer who had denied making the Stone Cutting Machine available to Military, will come across.  That farmer was intimidated, saying his photo taken while undergoing to the LTTE training holding a stick (semblance as a rifle) was published in a website. 

This year, International Youth Conference held in Sri Lanka was organized by the Sri Lankan government. The couch for those younger representatives participated in that conference was none other than our Military Commander Daya Rathnayake.

“In north we have all information, such as who resides in which home and who used to visit there. In such a way we secured this country from the resurgence of separatism. This is the reality in those areas”,   Daya Rathnayake explained like this about the "peace-making" activities of Military.

What else can we do other than laughing when the President said at Killinochchi, “I believe you. You may also believe me”?

“If he participates in this event with me, he (Chief Minister) thinks that your minds will change. I know that your minds will not change no matter how many times I come and whatever is spoken to you. Chief Minister did not understand the minds and feelings of Tamils unlike me understood”, Mahinda regretted like this.

That is true. Making no effort by Mahinda to change though he well understood the implications of the actions of his government makes the Tamils to consider about the options in front of them in future. That is why, it could be referred that it makes to laugh and consider as well.

In the North, the permission from Governor’s office should be obtained if any of the Non-Governmental Organization even small in size wants to join with Provincial Council in order to implement the Development projects. Governor’s office mentioned in its letter that it had brought this condition seeing the failure of the Provincial Council in following the respective procedures. As far as we know, the budget for the Northern Province yet to be shown in detail to its Chief Minister. All the funds are arrived to Northern Province through Governor’s office and Minister Douglas.

This time, land permits were issued to 20,000 persons. Provincial Council was not informed about whom were issued these land permits and on which basis these names were selected.

Even the little assistances from Provincial Council politicians are refused by the Valikamam North people who remains uprooted for the past 35 years have been waiting to reside in their own land even at Navatkuli.  This is because of the fear that what to do if the Land Permits are not issued because of accepting the assistance from the Provincial Council politicians. The fund given by TNA for developing the Community Centre is rejected by the Youth Association functioning there. This is because of the fear that the paths to be made available after the long time to them would be cancelled if they accept anything from TNA. Minister Douglas Devananda's aides clearly explained to the people about it by saying if the assistances given by TNA is accepted then no state aid from them would be made available. “We will teach a good lesson as you are receiving the assistances from us for all 364 days and casting your votes to them on the 365th day”, according to the Douglas Devananda's aides. What else can we do other than laughing when the president said, “NPC is like the dog on straw. It does not do anything while not allowing us to do”.

Meanwhile, it makes us to think about what is happening today in the Northern Province as freedom of voting and carrying out the Development projects using the public money are the rights of the People.

Above all, President hit another massive six, saying “TNA along with Tamil Diaspora think to abolish the Executive presidency. I will be the first one to abolish the executive presidency if they give up the idea of the separatist regime”.

The first phase of setting the distinct political path of Tamils was the state council election in 1933.  They boycotted that since that did not provide the legitimate representation to Tamils. Thereafter, many more contradictions were grown. Recommendations proposed by the Tamil parties in the formation of new constitution in 1972, were disregarded by Srimavo’s government. Tamil parties walk out following that. Unable to further withstanding the cunning of Sinhala political leaders, they first presented the “Eelam demand” in 1976. During these years, executive presidency was not implemented here. Ethnic problem started many years before executive presidency was established.

Tamils well knew the fact that the solution to the ethnic problem is not just the end of the presidential system. Therefore, what else can we do other than laughing when Mahinda says that Tamils are working to over throw the executive presidency?

Simultaneously, Executive Presidency is a political structure which protects the Sinhala people from “Eelam demand” could be the indirect message of Mahinda, which makes us to consider his political dancing drama.

Many voices have emerged in the south opposing the executive presidency. There are several reasons for that. Grabbing the country’s asset apparently and the tendency to enjoy them freely, perpetrators who were engaged in kidnapping small children, drug trafficking, killing the women after raping are escaped from the legal actions due to their political connections. Justice system became hand doll as it is not worthwhile to go for Court taking any complaints. These experiences are making awareness among Sinhalese about the executive presidency system.  The JHU leader Atturareliya Ratna Thero who was joining the Government as a Mango friend, got down to the field to oppose the executive presidency system. This implies how strongly this demand being strengthened in the minds of Sinhala people. With this background, we should understand the President's statement. President is trying to induce the racism and to link the Executive Presidency System with that.  This is also going to be fiercely handled by the opposition parties from South. We could predict this with confidence seeing the first reports in this regard remains nothing.

Above all, we should realize one thing importantly. If we present the toughest options to the people, they would be in a position to grip it. If the Tamils decide to grip the toughest options to fight for their existence, the time to the government for learning that lesson would have passed.  

What is this world in which how many rebellions

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