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2nd edition - Chauvinistic drops hide eyes- Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-


Recently we have published an article which based on an interview with film director Pirasanna Vithanage made by A ruliniyan Mahalingam.Mr Pirasanna Vithanage have reacted on that article as follows

2nd edition - Chauvinistic drops hide eyes- Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-



Though I don’t have the English translation of the interview, what I said was, there was no access to what was happening in the final days of war. So there should be an impartial inquiry.  Not just last days, the war has been genocide from start to end.  My wish has been always for a united Sri Lanka with the right of self-determination for Tamil People.


 Chauvinistic drops hide eyes- Theva Abira for Global Tamil News-

10/6/2014 - 10:34

Recently, an interview with Sinhala film director Prasanna Vithanage was released in Aruliniyan pages. I wish to share the waves of emotion that arose within me after reading this interview.

When Prasanna who expressed the most progressive ideas throughout the interview was asked such following questions, he replied that as follows.

Question: Do you accept what was happened in Sri Lanka was genocide?

Answer: As no one has the proper data related to the deaths in the final days of the final battle, I do not like to comment on this.

I posted this question with answer on my Facebook status. Many friends commented on that the progressive face of Prasanna being ousted.

Actually, there were two reasons for why I posted this question with answer.

·         To reveal the fact that the artists anyhow express their confines in the tiny points

·         To seek the points that should be taken in to account by the artists who wish to touch the marvels of creatures at the each point of human life

Considering alone on this answer given by Prasanna, we do not want to doubt on his artistry and progressive thoughts.  But, though he has such progressive thoughts, he was backward to say what was happened in the final stages of war in Sri Lanka was genocide.  Also, he could not say that genocide did not take place in the final stages of war in Sri Lanka. But he scales down the implications of this question as an issue which has lack of information. By considering the number of deaths occurred in a place alone does not determine whether the genocide took place. What is important here is what the understanding of an Artist relating to genocide is. No one having doubt on that Prasanna is full of artistry. But he became as an example for slippery of the minds of artists in particular instances.  In such moments, stain accumulated on the marvels of an artist. In this interview, Prasanna further stated that ethnic issue should be resolved within the united Sri Lanka.

Solution within united Sri Lanka is his political stance. It may be perceived. But, his reluctance to say that the Tamils have the right to determine themselves whether they coexist with united Sri Lanka or not and what happened in Sri Lanka was genocide, realizes us clearly that he still gets bound by something in his deep mind.

Drops of the deep chauvinistic deep spring reflected in the eyes of many majority ethnic progressives make them unable from their bottom soul to accept the uniqueness and independence of minority ethnicities.

The caricature drawn some time ago by Avantha Articale is given below.


(Green and Red color lines are only drawn by me.


Though this caricature reveals the progressive thought to safeguard the people in Sri Lanka from racism when it is just skimmed at a glance, it can be noticed that 3 figures are not in same height.  Here too, it could be observed that the numbers were given the priority.

Artist is not the person who views or perceives the world based on the data. Artist is the person who views or perceives the world through the eyes of the classic soul.

In conversations via Facebook in this regard, my friend A. Ravi asked me to think by what Prasanna is bound. Meanwhile, at the moment I could keep aloof from thinking that we were/ are also bound by almost same thing which bounds Prasanna.

There were instances when we might have been asked the same questions which asked from Prasanna, during our freedom struggle.

When Sinhala and Muslim people were killed by cadres and when Muslim people were chased out, such questions like this should have heard in the mind voices of Artists. In fact, this is not the issue of the personal ideologies of Prasanna and Avantha. It got expanded to the whole question of the ideology of the Artists.

Depth of the progressiveness of the Artists determined based on how the soul of Artists reveals in the most crucial moments. 

Prasanna, you just wipe out the chauvinistic drops reflected in your eyes. 

Theva Abira


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