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Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-5 – Iniyavan-


Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-5 – Iniyavan-

As a series of the mandatory task of revealing about the ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka, we will go through the Prison Massacres brutally committed by the help of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism against Political Prisoners.


Welikada prison massacre

Welikada prison massacre which is recognized as the first prison massacres over Tamil Political prisoners and one of the worst and brutal massacres in the world history, took place 25th and 28th of July, 1983. In this massacre 53 political prisoners including Kuttimani, Thankathurai and Jegan were slaughtered, knifed and murdered by the Sinhalese inmates. Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinist thugs involved in this massacre which later on resulted many political twists has not yet been arrested. No one is unknown about this massacre taken place 30 years ago as genocide.

Kalutara prison massacre

In 1997, 3 political prisoners were slaughtered and murdered by majority Sinhalese inmates in this Kalutara Prison massacre occurred on December 12. Despite the confessions of the survived clearly revealed that when this massacre occurred in front of the Prison officials, they had taken no steps to stop and also on the contrary Prison officials had allowed the Sinhala thugs to enter into the place where Tamil Political Prisoners were incarcerated.  No one has yet been convicted for these crimes.

Bindunuwewa Prison Massacre

Massacre took place on October 24, 2000 at the Bindunuwewa detention center where less aged youth said to be the LTTE supporters and the activists were incarcerated, resulting 26 political prisoners were slaughtered and killed by a mob of a few hundred villagers armed with knives, rods and swords.

The Sri Lankan Army detachment that was posted there had been withdrawn the previous day, for unknown reasons. Once the massacre started, the posted police personnel refused to intervene to stop it.

These three massacres were well recognized and documented as Prison Massacres. Likewise, many more atrocities were committed but they had not been documented with their names unlike these. Some of them are as:

·         In 2003, the Military that intervened unusually into the Magazine Prison in the guise of searching cruelly tortured the political prisoners and took them to Boosa Detention Camp for unknown reasons.

·         In 2009, Sinhalese Prisoners accompanying Prison officers in Magazine Prison had orchestrated and committed brutal atrocities over the Political Prisoners.

·         In 2010, hundreds of Political Prisoners incarcerated in Colombo Remand Prison (CRP) were brutally attacked by the Sinhalese inmates. Using this opportunity, these victims were taken to Magazine Prison.

·         In 2011, saying the commemoration of Great Heroes Day was being got ready in the Anuradhapura Prison, more than 60 political prisoners were worst stripped and attacked by the Sinhalese inmates.

·         One of the biggest conspiracies of genocide progenitor Gotabaya staged at the Magazine prison on January 2012. The conspiracy was orchestrated that firstly, creating the semblance of a conflict and disputes between the Prison Officers and Prisoners specially the Sinhalese Prisoners, thereby inducing the political prisoners to take part in the conflict and afterwards if they breaking the Armament store, it could be easily accused that the Political Prisoners who were only competent enough to operate the weapons among prisoners had tried to escape by taking the weapons, consequently political prisoners would be shot dead. Approaching this matter wisely, political prisoners kept aloof from this incident. The Sinhala Officials got angered due to the conspiracy turned into fiasco. Subsequently, the angered Sinhala Prison Officials by means of the Sinhalese Prisoners brutally attacked the Political Prisoners.

·         In 2012, Political Prisoners who staged a hunger strike in Vavuniya Prison were falsely charged of taking hold of Prison Officers. Consequently, Special Task Force entered into the Vavuniya Prison and brutally slaughtered the Political Prisoners, resulting 2 innocent youths murdered and others were taken to Anuradhapura and Mahara Prisons.  

Defense system and Prison Administration of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism that waits for the opportunity to brutally slaughter the Political Prisoners is consistently planning the attacks over the Political Prisoners. The majority Sinhalese Prisoners are used as the murdering mob to attack the Political Prisoners. 

Among the Political Prisoners, those who guide and educate their inmates by giving wise books, and those who give priority to morals and give the judicial knowledge to their fellow inmates regarding their releases and those who console their fellow inmates suffering from mental agony and make them to believe for the better future, thereby growing the Political Prisoners as constructive powers are targeted by the brutal Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism.

Will the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism that emphatically in the firm stands that even for a second even in the Prison; Tamils should not live without pain, allow the Tamils to live peacefully even without freedom?

Will the sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism that annihilates the constructive powers even in the Prison allow us to live in our soil and grow up in it?

Can we cognize from these that death is the only thing would remain for us in this united Sri Lanka?

Or else, are we going to forget the Political Prisoners who can anytime be tortured, slaughtered and murdered?

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