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Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-4 – Iniyavan-


Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka

Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-4 – Iniyavan-


As a series of the mandatory task of revealing about the ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka, we will go through an incident in this week also.

In 2007, a youth belonging to Navanthurai in Jaffna went to Colombo from Vavuniya by bus and stayed at a lodge in order to do his personnel stuff. Once he had finished his work he started his journey back to Vavuniya. When he was going to Vavuniya, the bus which was carrying him had been blocked at Paliyagoda by Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) following the information they received.  Subsequently, he was arrested by TID. Terrorism Investigation Division took the Cyanide capsule from his possessions at that time he was arrested.

This particular youth arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) was detained and interrogated at Boosa for 18 months. This youth who had no contacts with LTTE was totally unaware of the captured Cyanide capsule. When he was staying at the lodge, he had arguments with a person who is a suspect of being a Sinhala Intelligence Operative.  Consequently, the Sinhala Intelligence operative suspect had placed the Cyanide capsule into the belongings of this particular youth. This particular youth said this truth again and again when he was interrogated and severely tortured by TID.   Siyapdeen was an interrogator who cruelly tortured him asking whether he was making the Sinhala Intelligence culpable. Siyapdeen had committed unbearable torchers focusing the male sexual organ of this victim. The brutal cruelties committed by Siyapdeen would no longer be written for this Article.

After being detained for 18 months under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), he was remanded for 3 more years till 2010. Lawyer, Gowrishankary Thavarasa attended on behalf of him and got to know from Attorney General regarding his release. They replied that this particular youth would be prosecuted at the High Court.

This particular youth was prosecuted at the High Court charging that he had associated with LTTE and attempted to carry out bomb attacks in Colombo. Ultimately, this particular youth had given huge amount of money that is ample enough throughout his life and accepted the fake accusations over him. Consequently, he was imprisoned for just one year and released in 2012.

Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka

·         Those who are connected in the LTTE cases are normally sentenced at least 5 years imprisonment. But he could be able to be released after just one year imprisonment as a result of the huge money given by him in the midst of immense difficulties. 


·         Cyanide capsule which had been found from his possession when he was arrested was not even submitted as evidence before Court.


·         It is said to be that the type of Cyanide capsule (which was placed by the Sinhala Intelligence Operative suspect into his possession) captured from him is not used by LTTE in the actions operated outside the LTTE controlled areas.


·         See how this innocent youth who committed no crimes was prejudicially arrested and tortured.  Just because this innocent youth revealed the truth that the Sinhala Intelligence Operative suspect had staged this drama, he was committed to brutal torture which cannot be tolerated even by any animals.  

What does the tragedy of this innocent youth say?

·         Those who were born as Tamils could whenever be cruelly tortured by the Justice System of sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism.


·         Sinhala Intelligence Operatives can pluck the ransom from innocent Tamils by means of the Justice System of sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism.


·         Tamils should not either argue with Sinhalese or speaking against to Sinhalese even in the very ordinary matters. Anyone who has dignity and self-respect righteously engages in those activities would be subjected to intolerable tortures by the Justice System of sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism. Unless otherwise he/ she would be become disappeared forever.


·         By praying and bowing without discomforting the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism and serving it as being a slave while hiding the Tamil identity as considering it as a shame, Tamils can live under one Umbrella in Sri Lanka. This is the judgment firmly delivered by the Justice System of sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism to Tamils.

Intellectuals! Alternative thinkers! Critics!  Tell with the pure mind for the true salvation to Tamils, getting rid of the egocentric sense in case that you have and tell, abandoning your criticism over the tragic politics of Tamils in case just because you do it in order to resolve the angry over someone and tell, doesn’t matter you keep on blaming the LTTE and tell whether the Tamils could live in the integrated Sri Lanka in any sort?

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