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Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-3 – Iniyavan-


Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka:-

Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-3 – Iniyavan-


As a series of the mandatory task of revealing about the ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka, we will go through an incident in this week also.

Just 16 years old youth belonging to Nallur, Jaffna was working at a Tea stall nearby his residence. His father and mother had been passed away when he was a child. He lived with his relatives facing economic hardships. Seeing his poverty, friend of his relative, who owned a Welding shop located at Colombo, took him there to work as an apprentice. This particular youth had been residing at the work place (Welding Shop) where he was working in Colombo. 

Owner of this Welding shop was arrested in connection with the bomb blast incident happened in 2008.  Following the arrest of the owner of this Welding shop, TID had gone to the Welding Shop for checking. When the time TID came to the Welding Shop for checking this particular youth had been there with another four belonging to Jaffna and Hill country. Subsequently, all of them including this particular youth were arrested and taken by TID to sixth floor for interrogations. After the interrogations at the sixth floor, they were detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) at Boosa Detention Centre. All of those arrested were released as a result of the endeavors made by their parents except this particular youth when they were detained under PTA.  But no one came to even visit this particular youth when he was detained at Boosa.

Those who interrogated this particular youth undoubtedly understood that he was an innocent youth who had no connections with that incident. This innocent youth who did not know what was to be done next was said to be released once the 18 months of detention had been finished. On the contrary to what he was told, once the 18 months of detention had been finished he was remanded at Colombo Remand Prison (CRP). Once every fortnight he was taken to the Magistrate Court located at the Vellikade Prison premises where the remand was being continuously extended to him.

This particular youth was remained with no progress without knowing what to do as he had the lack of educational knowledge, no kith and kin to assist him and had no financial assistances from anywhere.  By the time, he was unexpectedly transferred to Magazine Prison. Seeing his pathetic plight, someone who was being incarcerated at Magazine had assisted him to file the Fundamental Rights petition at Supreme Court through the Home for Human Rights (HHR) in 2011.

While the Supreme Court drag on the 3 months period, TID announced their consent to send this particular youth to be rehabilitated as they had nothing to prosecute him at High Court, understanding the judgment should anyhow be delivered by the Supreme Court to file the case at High Court. Subsequently to the announcement of TID, the lawyer came from the Home for Human Rights (HHR) who attended the case had withdrawn the case without the consensus of this particular youth.

Because of the insistence of this lawyer, this innocent youth who did know not what to do had agreed to go for rehabilitation on the contrary to his desire.

In 2011, this particular youth who went in order to be undergone the rehabilitation program had been denied the Rehabilitation Program saying surrendered cadres only would be rehabilitated not the arrested persons. Then he was turned back by the Rehabilitation Center to the Magazine Prison.

Rehabilitation Center told him that he would be given the rehabilitation if he had given the letter ensuring his surrender. This particular youth refused to give this letter as it is baseless in any sort. Subsequently, the Prison Administration asked him to give a letter mentioning his consensus to be undergone the Rehabilitation Program. Thereafter he gave the letter as he was asked by the Prison Administration and underwent the Rehabilitation Program. This innocent youth who was arrested in 2008 had been eventually released at the end of 2012 after being undergone to the Rehabilitation Program for 1 ½ years.

Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka

·         It was not said either in the Confession or any other evidences that he had any sort of connections with LTTE. This matter was undoubtedly known to all those who interrogated him.

·         Since the TID was in the critical situation as no case could be filed against him and they had no answer to tell before Supreme Court for detained this innocent youth for a long time, TID announced their consent to send this particular youth to be rehabilitated.

·         This particular youth was undergone the 1 ½  years Rehabilitation Program while this particular youth who has been living in the Sri Lankan Army controlled area since his three years of age saying he could not remember that he had ever seen the LTTE. This cruelty and lousiness can only be committed by the Justice System of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism.

·         This innocent youth who had committed no crimes was arrested and detained for 3 years and intimidated to give letter mentioning that he had surrendered. Will this ugliness happen in any other part of the world?


Is it possible in any sort to live under the Justice System of sleazy Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism?

Don’t we want to fearlessly stood up as the power of people with firm stance that we ourselves would determine our fate, getting rid of the waits and step up to the actions in order to give the permanent peace to our people who are being unjustly persecuted?




Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils:- -Iniyavan-



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