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Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-2 – Iniyavan-


Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka:-

Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils - Part-2 – Iniyavan-


Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka


As a series of the mandatory task of revealing about the ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka, we will go through an incident in this week.

A person belonging to Jaffna was working at Colombo. Another person who went to Malasiya with the destination of going to another foreign country had been deported from there to Colombo, also resided at the same house. The police who came to the person deported from Malasiya had found the pen drive of the person who was working at Colombo. News of that day published at the websites which were not restricted in Sri Lanka had saved in that pen drive. (Bringing the downloaded news to home for reading was usual at that time in order to cut down the cost for internet).

The person who was working at Colombo, his friend deported from Malasiya and Agent arranged for the journey of the deported one were arrested by Wellawatte police and detained there for several months under the Detention Order.

This particular person detained at the police station was investigated in connection with the LTTE supporting websites. Then he was remanded at Magazine Prison from there he was taken to Court once every fortnight. Meanwhile, he was disappointed as he gave huge amount of money to get released. Thereafter, his Pen drive was sent to the University Of Moratuwa for the analysis. According to the analysis of the University Of Moratuwa, it was confirmed that News was not uploaded from his pen drive but only the downloaded News was saved in it.

Fundamental Rights case filed at Supreme Court against being detained without prosecuting at High Court. Subsequently, the judgment was given by the Supreme Court that his case should be filed at High Court. Thereafter the case filed at High Court against him on the charges of involving activities in connection with the LTTE supported websites and providing shield for LTTE.

While he was being detained without any progressive proceedings, the lawyer of him ascertained that he would be released by giving merely the fine if he accepted the false accusation charged over him. In accordance with lawyer’s advice, he accepted the accusations which were not actually committed by him. But the effort to be released by giving merely the fine was failed. In contrast, he was given the 1 ½ more years imprisonment sentence.

When there were very few days left for him to be released, he was taken by TID for 72 hours interrogation. TID registered the B- File and interrogated him in connection with the involvement of making the Documentary video of channel-4. Even after 1 more year, the person committed no crimes was arrested in 2008 had been released at the end of 2012.

Ridiculous Justice System of Sri Lanka

·         He had no connections with LTTE. It was not said either in the Confession or any other evidences that he had connections with LTTE.

·         Before he was prosecuted at High Court, the Pen drive analysis report of the University Of Moratuwa had been available. On the contrary to the Pen drive analysis report, Police filed the case at High Court using the Pen drive as evidence also.

·         It should be noted that Wellawatte police came to those whom for the investigation were released while this particular person was in remand.

·         As an evidence object, Pen drive that was handed over to the Court in the case which had given him imprisonment sentence had been once again taken by TID somehow without court order when there were few days left for the release of this particular person and he was interrogated for 1 more year in detention in connection with the Documentary video of Channel-4.    

·         It could be understand about this Ridiculous Justice System if the times when he was arrested and the time when Documentary video of Channel-4 produced are considered. 


Therefore, getting rid of the word “Justice System of Sri Lanka”, stating “Justice System for the sake of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism” is more accurate.

Without just confining ourselves to understand about the Ridiculous Justice System of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, it is mandatory to go ahead with the healthier activism in order to establish the justice for us. Progressing the people’s struggle and making the entire directions of the world known about these atrocities committed by Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism and it’s Ridiculous Justice System are the only options left for us.     

Anxiousness whether the assistances of Diaspora would go at least as a slightest console in the lives of the Political Prisoners at the peak of tragedies is only would be the value of this article? If not, will it change constructively?




Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils:- -Iniyavan- Part 1

25 Aug 14 04:02 (GMT)
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