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Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils:- -Iniyavan-


Helpless Political Prisoners and the tendency of the struggle of Tamils:- -Iniyavan-


This article should be written beginning with the question that who are referred as political prisoners? As the tendency of post war politics of Tamils in a lousy situation in which the question could be asked that who are referred as political prisoners. 

In short, those who are listed as Terrorist suspects or Terrorists and detained at Prisons and Detention centers by Sinhala Chauvinist State are referred as political prisoners.   

About thousand political prisoners arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act are being incarcerated in Prisons such as Magazine, Welikada, CRP, Bogambara, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Galle, Moneragala, Jaffna, Trincomalee and Batticaloa and in Detention Centers such as Boosa, fourth floor, the sixth floor, and the local police stations. 

The accusations over those who were proved because of the strangeness of the Justice system of Sinhala chauvinism, those who accepted the accusation (those who accepted that they had committed the offense though which was not actually committed by the particular person, with the intention of coming out from the prison through experiencing the sentence without being tortured in Prison for a long time and those who were accepted the accusation believing the deceitfulness that they would be released soon if they had accepted it are included in this), those who are being detained without filing the case at High court, those who have been waiting for the result after filing the FR at supreme court against not filing their case at High court (Supreme court may take couple of years to deliver the judgment that the case to be filled at High court) and sentenced prisoners are included in the Political Prisoners.

Those who were arrested under PTA and being detained as the terrorist suspects with the blanket of investigation are incarcerated in Detention centers.

Those who were arrested during the war time are being detained as the suspects in connection with the attacks happened in the military control areas.

Those who were arrested in this post war era are being detained with the charges on involving resurgence activities of LTTE, inducing the protests against Government and keeping contacts with Diaspora Pro -tigers organizations.

Those who came to Sri Lanka from Tamil Diaspora and those who were deported from foreign countries accusing the LTTE activists are also included in the arrests in this post war era.

Those who have the thought of the righteous struggle of Tamils are anyhow trapped and detained with the blanket of investigation.

Those who are accused as the supporters or the helpers of prime suspects are torturously living in Prisons whereas the prime suspects of the accusation had been released.

Political prisoners are referred as LTTE by those who subsists their livelihood on blaming the LTTE for everything keeps blackout about the arrests even after 2009, vividly shows their political hooliganism.

The Tamil leaderships perform the gimmicks for converting the Tamils will to struggle against Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism into votes for them as their sole concern, picnicking to the Prisons in the election time make the helpless political prisoners more painful.

It is ample enough if most of the Diaspora organizations who keep on saying that they are making the International Community known about the massacres, atrocities, war crimes and genocide committed by the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism, take the sufferings of political prisoners and inhuman acts against them to the International Community, those who speaks about humanity and those who lectures to unite would become tongue- tied.

Political prisoners having no basic needs are experiencing the highest level of cruelties since they have no way to speak out about the immense issues that they face daily.

For example, When political prisoners who are taken the illnesses frequently since they got affected by depression cause of the continuous tortures and they have no edible foods are taken to Prison Hospital where they are intentionally given the drugs used for mental illness and the drugs used for tuberculosis thereby making them vulnerable in terms of physically and mentally, Sinhala government commits intolerable acts against humanity in the world history.

The political prisoners who questioning in this regard are intimidated by the Prison Administration that they would be killed by letting the Sinhala thugs as same as what happened to Kuttimani and Thangathurai. These types of murders happened several times in this same manner.

Most of the Tamil diaspora who got together merrily with the name of freedom  whereas the plights of the political prisoners are such having no money to prosecute, their families being economically vulnerable without their family heads and their families are unable to even visit them in Prison because of the poverty. Don’t the Tamil diaspora understand the plights of the Political Prisoners and step on the healthier way to assist them?

Tamil National Alliance that is not being engaged with people in the struggle for the long lasting solution for Tamil national question and saying its inabilities as diplomacy, at least does not work for the concerns like Political prisoners’ affairs with proper program, make the Tamils to realize that now they do not have a leadership for the sake of them.

Unless having concerned the plight of the Political Prisoners, exerting pressures for their release at international level and prioritizing the Political Prisoners’ affairs in each and every political demand, our people would be left helpless as Political prisoners.  

As it cannot be finished writing the sufferings of Political Prisoners, bringing their sufferings as parts, we should do the mandatory task of revealing the ridiculous justice system of Sinhala chauvinism.



We are going to publish articles regarding the political prisoners who are left isolated by all, as series in Tamil, English and Sinhala.  We request you all for the fullest support for these series of articles. We are with firm belief that your fullest support would be rendered to our effort to make the awareness among Tamils and worldwide about the plight of Political prisoners.  Also, you are kindly requested to share the details with us regarding Political prisoners.

Nadarajah Kuruparan.

Global Tamil News.


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