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Whereas the 3 columns are nowhere, 4th Pillar is for what???? - Jaffna Thampi:-


Whereas the 3 columns are nowhere, 4th Pillar is for what???? - Jaffna Thampi:-

Whereas the 3 columns are nowhere, 4th Pillar is for what???? - Jaffna Thampi:-


Oh God!!! Just see who is not called “Terrorist” by this Sri Lankan Government? If someone who tells that there is no water to Tamil, is called “Terrorist”.

If someone who tells that the lands belonging to Tamils are appropriated, is called “Terrorist”.

What was told by our Grandpa is the Pig is even dreamt of eating something. My father told us that the crow is even dreamt of digging something. These chauvinists have this Psychosis, whichever they see will be referred to as “Terrorism”.

Recently when our media boys who were on their way to Colombo for training were blocked and the Ganja was thrust in to the vehicle in which media boys travelled to Colombo.  Then they fabricated the story that Ganja was seized from the vehicle. Like this manner, they thrust Bomb into our hands and we will be referred as Terrorist who came to detonate the Bomb.

Have you noticed that they are going to thrust something into our hands? These media boys who are innocent will report whatever is said regardless of TNA, Army and Public, as that is what these media boys are supposed to do.

Above all, Thayaparan is referred to as “Tiger”. Thayaparan was taken the stomach pain as he is the man who laughed more than us at this news. They are trying to fabricate a story that Thayaparan who himself confined with his work is a “Tiger”.

These all tactics are of them ….

This is something like as the fabricated Ganja story.

Not only Government, but also the Army could write interesting fabricated stories.

Have you heard a comedy that Keheliya suspects whether they are journalists? These types of doubts will come to him as he is the person, who conducts press meeting daily in Sinhala capital, thought those who come to his Press meeting in order collect news are Journalists.

Media is often referred to as the “Fourth Pillar of Democracy”.

Since the remaining Pillars are nowhere here, for what the 4th Pillar is for? Mahinda may think like that.

Despite Mahinda Mahathmaya is pulling out all Pillars of Democracy to support his palace about to be fallen, his rude behavior is not good to him, according to Grandpa.

 As far as Old man’s concern, they sit on a Trap designed by them.

-Jaffna Boy-







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