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This is what happened - My averment regarding the incident - mayurapriyan -


This is what happened - My averment regarding the incident - mayurapriyan - Translated by - globaltamilnews

This is what happened - My averment regarding the incident - mayurapriyan -


Last Friday an instruction was given to us stated that we had to come to Jaffna Media Press Club from where the vehicle would depart about 5:30 PM in order to go to Colombo to attend for a media training program.

According to that I have been there. Once all of us reached there, we have departed from there in two vehicles each carrying six of us.  Our vehicle departed 10 minutes later than another vehicle. We observed that when we were travelling in Kachcheri, 2 men in a motor cycle kept on following us. We did not think much about that as we assumed that they were coincidently coming back to us. Also we did not see them beyond Kaithady. We continued our journey. Others travelled in the another vehicle which was travelling in front of us told us over the phone around 8:00 PM that they reached Murukandy and asked us to come hurriedly. We reached Murukandy at 8:15. Others travelled in another vehicle which was travelling in front of us took 3 journalists with them and waited for us. While we were continuing our journey after we worshiped Murukandy pillaiyar and sipping tea, we took another journalist with us continued our journey. When we left from Murukandy, we let another vehicle to travel in front of us and we went behind them. One motorist who was still following over took us closer to Mankulam junction and he stopped at military police check point situated at Mankulam junction. Since then we were stopped by military police at Mankulam Military Police check point around 9:20 PM.

The military police stopped us and questioned our driver why he had not stopped the vehicle when the military stopped at Elephant pass check post. The driver replied that no one had stopped his vehicle. At that time civil clothed personals rounded our vehicle up. Among them, one civil clothed person who was talking with someone over the phone also asked the same questioned from the driver why the driver had not stopped the vehicle at Elephant Pass when army stopped them. Driver replied the same as he said earlier.

Then the particular person asked from the driver about us who were inside the vehicle. Driver replied that we were from Jaffna who had been going to Colombo and he was hired for that journey. Then they asked from me where we were going. I replied that we were going to friend’s home in Colombo. I asked them why they were asking about this. They replied that they had got information that we had not stopped the vehicle when army stopped. (When the civil clothed personals were investigating us, Military Police kept silence. And also they investigated us in tamil).

Then the civil clothed personal who investigated us contacted someone over the phone and came up with the message that anyone of us should register the Identity Card and go all. After that I went down to the check point in order to get my IC registered.

(My IC has been registered by that particular civil clothed personal. Still my inner heart stipulated me to question him why we were registering our IC if the real problem was the driver had not stopped the vehicle when army stopped since the driver was supposed to answer for. And I decided not to confront them in that place by asking such question)

Another civil clothed person who was talking with someone came to the person who was registering my IC and ordered him to register all of our IC’s .Then he told me no need to get down all of us from vehicle. Instead, asked me to collect all of our IC’s to get registered. When I told this to my colleagues, persons seated front got down and others remained seated.

While our IC’s were being registered by a civil clothed man, another civil clothed man was kept on contacting someone over the phone. Even then also we asked from them the reason other than what they said for registering our IC’s which is totally unusual. He simply said “No”. But when he was registering our IC’s, he registered date of birth and all which is an unusual practice. (Normally IC number and address are registered)

Once they finished registering, we were allowed to precede our journey. We reached Omanthai check post where a strong reception given only to our vehicle around 9:50 PM. 5 soldiers led by 2nd LT grade officer rounded our vehicle up and ordered us to get down from the vehicle. (For other vehicles other than us, the driver just only got down from the bus, got registered and took the vehicle away)

Our IC’s were checked. At that time 3 soldiers got into the bus and checked inside it. (What these 3 soldiers were searching for in a hierce type vehicle????)

After that the soldiers who were checking our vehicle told us that they had wanted to check bags kept on backside. Four of us including me showed our bags for their checking whereas other 2 seated on the back side seats, 1 standing in front of our vehicle and kept on watching in it. By then, 3 of us observed that a man who had styled beard wearing military uniform (I think those who wearing military uniform cannot keep styled beard) dropped a small parcel under the driver’s seat through window and passed away from there. Before we went to see what was put in through the window, the police came from nowhere took the box (Cigarette box)

(How they came right time to take the right box and immediately identified????)

The police asked the person who have stood in front of the vehicle whether he was travelling in that vehicle. He replied “Yes”. And the police asked him again whether he knew what was inside that box, by showing it. He replied to the police that the person who had put this should be asked this question and he has indicated the soldier who had put the box into the vehicle.

At that time a civil clothed man (wearing shorts and T-Shirt labeled as SLRC-Nuwarellia) who came out of nowhere was coming towards by blaming vulgar words on us and hold the hand of one of us and dragged away. (Is there any SriLankan law which states that Suspect could be blamed by vulgar words????)

We asked him why you were drugging him out, and whom he was? He replied that he was a Omanthai police SI. (He mentioned the name also but I forgot that) He said that they were going to arrest him in connection with ganja narcotics smuggling. At that time we said that we 7 of us had come in this vehicle. If it is so, asked them to arrest all of us. Then, all of us were taken to the police station. One of us tried to call the persons travelled in another vehicle over the phone, the police SI has pushed his face and seized his phone.

(If someone has been arrested, does not  he have the right to inform to another one????)

(We went on saying about the incident to driver; he did not make a record until then. The soldier at the check point intentionally ignored of registering our vehicle as the problem was going over 20 minutes)

Police SI blamed us using vulgar words not to wait for the vehicle which would come later. By then, while we were walking to Omanthai check point (200m away from there), one of us once again tried to inform about the incident to others who travelled in front us. But the police hold of his neck and seized the phone. Then one of us who was walking last informed others regarding the incident over the phone without knowing the policemen who were walking in front of them whereas I had made tweeted. At once the one who had seen my tweet called me while something was being written in sinhala with red pen by the SI at Omanthai check point. Therefore, my phone was seized. In addition to that Identity Cards and mobile phones of all were confiscated by the police.

(Prior to the complaint filed, do the police have the right to confiscate the phone and ID cards?????)

Once the SI has finished writing something in Sinhala in a book, the civil clothed SI changed the police uniform and blamed us using vulgar words to walk. The SI and two police men who took the Ganja box from the vehicle got into our vehicle with us and took to when we asked them where they had been taking us. But he replied with vulgar words that we would know once we had reached the place and he further intimidated us to shut our mouth.

(When the police arrested us they should have told us where they had been taking us)

Then we were straight away taken to Omanthai police station and told to sit there. They added that we would be produced before court tomorrow then only we would be released. We felt hungry as we did not eat anything. Therefore we asked the police to arrange for food. They just gave water only without saying anything about food.

(When the police detain the suspects, should not give them food??????)

At that time the vehicle in front of us, came back to the Omanthai Police Station. Journalists from Vavuniya arrived there shortly after that.

After that the confiscated mobile phones and IC’s have been given back to us. Thereafter the OIC began to hold talks with us.

OIC said that since the ganja narcotics had not been found from our belongings we seven would be released but the driver and vehicle would be taken to magistrate. As the quantity of ganja found inside the vehicle is small, the bail would easily be given, OIC added. Also the OIC asked us not to worry and continue our journey. Further he said that if we wanted to go in another vehicle, he would arrange for us.

The SI and 2 police constables who had vulgarly blamed and indecently behaved at Omanthai check point have been disappeared from police station once many of us including Vavuniya journalists came together at police station.

Then only the driver has been aimed. (For an hour we seven were aimed by the police during that time driver’s mobile phone or IC was not confiscated and also driver was not investigated. Even the driver was not vulgarly blamed by SI.)

But we refused to compromise with OIC as the ganja box taken it out by police was placed by military soldiers. We told them that if they were refusing to release the driver, complaint would be given by us to be filed.

For that OIC replied us that he wanted to get averment of military soldiers who were on duty at military Omanthai military check point and he sent a police team for that. (Can civil police investigate the military and get the averment from them?????)

We lost patience as we were waiting for more than 3 hours for the police team that was said to go to Omanthai check point to investigate. Therefore, we started picketing since police has not filed the complaint until 2.00 AM though we have repeated insistent request to file the complaint

Consequently, Omanthai police OIC came to the scene at 2:30 AM and told us that the complaint would be filed and he asked us to abandon the demonstration.

Following the complaint filed, we abandoned the demonstration at 3:00 AM. And we have been allowed to go at 4:30 AM. Huge support and assistance has been given by 3 journalists from Vavuniya while detained for more than 6 hours at Omanthai Police Station. We thank them for stood with us…….

We thank Dr.Sivamohan, member of Nothern Provincial Council visited the spot and raised his supportive voice for us.

We thank those who have contacted us and those who have published the news regarding this.

We departed from there at 5:00 AM by a bus which was arranged by journalists from Vavuniya for the workshop held in Colombo.

After all, we reached the college of journalism in Colombo where we had tea on Saturday morning 10 o’clock and finally we went to the boarding. After 30 minutes from that A Sinhala organization staged a demonstration in front of the college of journalism stated that “Do not train the terrorists”

As a result, the training has been called off. Then we left from Colombo on Sunday morning and arrived at Jaffna around 6:00 PM

This is what the averment of mine………………..



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