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Sri Lankan filmmaker seeks Jayalalithaa's help to screen 'With You, Without You' in Tamil Nadu:-


Sri Lankan filmmaker seeks Jayalalithaa's help to screen 'With You, Without You' in Tamil Nadu:-

 The screening of Sri Lankan film "With You, Without You" was cancelled in Chennai on Saturday after officials at two multiplexes received threat calls from Tamil groups.

"With You, Without You" is an India-Sri Lanka joint collaboration directed by acclaimed Sri Lankan filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage.

Rahul Roy, a prominent documentary filmmaker from Delhi and the co-producer of the movie, and Vithanage have urged Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa to intervene in the issue and ensure the screening of the movie in the state. "We request Jayalalithaa to ensure that action is taken against those who made threatening calls to the theatres. We request her to instruct the state police to provide adequate protection to the theatres," Roy said.

The film features Indian actress Anjali Patil and actor Shyam Fernando as a married couple in the post civil war Sri Lanka. Anjali plays a Tamil girl, who marries a much older ex-army man (Fernando). The movie shows how their married life changes post the visit of an old friend.

When contacted, Rahul Roy said it was unfortunate that the screening was stopped due to threat calls from some groups. "The film was released at PVR Ampa Skywalk and Escape Cinema on June 20 to an extremely positive reaction from the audience and rave reviews from critics," he told TOI over the phone.

"The local police, we are told, have refused to take any action and conveyed their inability to provide protection to the theatres. As a result the exhibitors have had to withdraw the film," he alleged.

"The film is a sensitive portrayal of post war Sri Lanka and the consequences of denial of justice to the Tamil population. But we are facing opposition here, not support. Some people have prejudges that the movie is against the interests of the Tamil people, but they haven't watched the movie. In fact, the film is a scathing testimony of the suffering that the war unleashed," Roy said.

Vithanage claimed that there had been very positive comments from the audience who watched the movie and strong support from activists in Tamil Nadu. "I have been raising my voice for minorities in Sri Lanka. I believe in multi-cultural society. This is an important movie and the protesters should watch the movie and then they can criticize," he said.

"With You, Without You" had been screened in more than 30 film festivals across the globe and it had received very positive comments, Roy added.

Vithange's movie 'Death On A Full Moon Day' was banned by the Sri Lankan government in 2000 and he had a yearlong legal battle to get the movie released.

National award winning editor from Tamil and Hindi film industries Sreekar Prasad has also worked for "With You, Without You." (timesofindia)

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